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CWITEC AB, c/o Carl Wilund, Hallandsgatan 34, 118 57 Stockholm, Sweden

CWITEC is a privately held software development company. We're dedicated to delivering creative products for a fair price.

The company also offers custom built solutions and expert consultancy services. Contact us for more info.

Products by CWITEC

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TX16Wx Software Sampler
Reviewed By dunadan
February 22nd, 2021

The TX16Wx is simply the best option to get when looking for a highly functional, yet affordable software sampler. Of course if you don't need pro features like time stretch or pitch shift it's free even! I've thoroughly compared it with Akai's MPC software and imo it does everything related to sampling, sample mapping and editing even faster once you've adapted to its workflow. It's pure efficiency and if you make a good suggestion to further improve the workflow or functionality the creator will be really quick to adapt.

Combine this sampler with Reaper and maybe Surge and you'll have enough music production possibilities and depth for a lifetime, if you are only willing to learn your tools well.

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TX16Wx Software Sampler
Reviewed By pattmayne
November 15th, 2020

I absolutely love this sampler. I use it for drums and piano samples. You get quite a lot of control over every sample, including some effects and MIDI mapping. I don't even use half of the features. Well worth the money.

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TX16Wx Software Sampler
Reviewed By Sidom
March 3rd, 2018

TX16Wx is overlooked and underrated, despite being the best software sampler today. And I'm not even talking about the Pro version – the free version can easily compete with commercial products. To my mind, it has everything you need for creative sampling:

  • Fast workflow.
  • The fact that it actually SAMPLES: you don't necessarily have to use samples – you can record your own sounds straight into TX16Wx and start editing them right away.
  • Great looking GUI (which is also resizable and customizable).
  • Huge feature list that ensures comprehensive sound design and sample editing possibilities.
  • Low CPU usage (though it can be quite high if you decide to use extreme quality settings).
  • Stability.

TX16Wx doesn't have a 100 GB sample library because it was never intended to. Its purpose is to bring back the joy of sampling. And I believe TX16Wx serves its purpose really well.

Although it is a feature-packed sampler, don't be intimidated and discouraged – you don't need to use all of its features. In fact, thanks to flexible GUI, TX16Wx can be as simple as a sampler can get: just hide the panels that you don't want to use – this way you will have less complex GUI and faster workflow. Also, as always – make sure to read the manual before using it.

Finally, it has active support and the Pro version is very reasonably priced, so if you like using TX16Wx free, I think you should definitely support the developer by purchasing the Pro version.

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