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+49 7251 3472-444 / plugins@hofa.de
Lusshardtstrasse 1-3, 76689 Karlsdorf, Germany

HOFA-Plugins: Intelligent tools for VST, AU & AAX:

  • Whether beginner or a professional – if you look for easily understandable tools that can help you to work better, faster and even with more fun, then you are exactly right.
  • Audio plugins with unique features. Features which we - as audio engineers - had been looking for in vain for a long time and finally realized them with the best programmers in order to make mixing and mastering considerably easier.
  • These extraordinary plugins are developed directly in one of the biggest recording studios in Germany and they are the logical consequence of 30 years of experience with professional studio productions.

Products by HOFA-Plugins

Latest reviews of HOFA-Plugins products

HOFA 4U Meter, Fader & MS-Pan
Reviewed By oskkarlsson
February 9th, 2021

Does the trick for monitoring EBU r128 loudness levels. No problems and easy to see whats going on.

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HOFA 4U ProjectTime
Reviewed By jude770
February 21st, 2019

This thing is neat. Drop it on your master buss and it tracks how much time you spend on a project. If you need to take a break you can put it on pause.

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