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Bangalore, India

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Tuner T1
Reviewed By natelok
August 19th, 2022

As with the Bass Tuner app, it does exactly what it says it does. Small, non intrusive ad but you can get rid of it for a tiny cost (I paid 19c Australian!) It's a highly accurate tuner and well worth downloading.

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Bass Tuner BT1
Reviewed By natelok
August 19th, 2022

Excellent. Does exactly what it says. It's the best Bass tuner I've ever used. I've had other tuners, some of which can't even register notes low enough to tune a bass, and some that claimed to be bass tuners but were always a little bit off, or overloaded with ads. This has a very small, non intrusive banner ad in the free version, and the remove ads cost was 19 Australian cents, which I was happy to pay. This is how ad supported/free apps should be made. This dev is great and I've ended up with their chord chart app and guitar tuner app as well. Get this though.

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