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Rast Sound
Rast Media GmbH, Rheinsberger Str. 11, 10115 Berlin, Germany

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Mad Filter
Reviewed By Trader One
December 11th, 2021

It's decent for certain types of music. I don't recommend it for general use but it distorts sounds in quite unique way and it's very easy to use. If you look for inspiration use it instead of synth built in effects.

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Reviewed By vivianblush
October 23rd, 2021

this looks great and is exactly the type of thing i've been looking for, i'd get this if it had panning.

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MidEast Vocals
Reviewed By axeast
April 25th, 2015

You can find part of the review from Ohmlab for this pack below :

" ...

We were absolutely floored by this collection. In fact, MidEast Vocals sample pack is so good that it kind of threw us off our game a bit. We normally go about the reviews here in a rather systematic way in order to help ensure the level of consistency and fairness you've all come to expect over the years. But these vocals had us inspired from the moment we opened them.

MidEast Vocals delivers three talented female singers (Damla Pehlevan, Gulten Benek and Duygu Sez), spanning varied ethnic and cultural backgrounds, for you to use freely in your own productions. The performances were inspired by traditional Turkish, Iranian, Syrian, Kurdish and Arabic cultures and their music. They are hauntingly beautiful, deeply passionate and demand the attention of whomever is listening. With 170 samples to work with, ranging from long-form traditional improvisations to modern processed loops (glitch, gated, etc), each is presented in both common .wav files and in the form of Native Instruments Kontakt instruments. The best of both world for musicians and producers of all types.


You can read the full review here, copy pasting this link to your browser :

http://www.ohmlabmusic.com/sample-pack-review-mideast-vocals-from-rast-sound --- link to the full review ---

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Kemane String
Reviewed By digiteaser
November 4th, 2014

authentic, very hi q sound.

this is a nice studio recording pack of an ethnic string, guess from middle east.

middle eastern vibes. pack includes content labeled long walks, which are much longer than loops, guessing local improvised airs. appreciated.

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