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rdgaudio.com / +919073484814 / rdgaudios@gmail.com
Belur, Howrah, West Bengal, India.

Refined Digital Group Audio or RDGAudio is AU & VST Instrument plugins developer of India. RDGAudio is specialized in making of rare Sample based audio plugins for Digtal Audio Workstation(DAW). RDGAudio was started off in the year 2015 by Rudra Ghosh in India, West Bengal, Belur, Howrah:

  • We are making AU, VST Instrument Plugins for Mac & PC.
  • Creating Expansions for Vengeance Producer Suite Avenger.
  • Presets & Sound banks for 3rd party Synthesizers.
  • Wave Shapes and Samples for Sampler Synthesizers.

We are a group of Audio Engineer, Electronics Engineer& Sound Designers. We are developing such Samples, Presets, Expansions & Sound banks which are very rare but useful.

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Latest reviews of RDGAudio products

Real Sitar Player
Reviewed By mixyguy2
January 20, 2021

I'll just echo what was said in the other review. This deserves zero stars at most because IT DOESN'T WORK. What a joke, and I can't believe how many sites blindly posted this POS plugin without even bothering to find this out. I will never waste time with this developer ever again and anyone with a clue won't either.

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Acoustic Dhaak 2
Reviewed By rahnrasen
October 2, 2019

don't work in cubase 10 yet. the 64-bit version of the plugin (free version) are listed as 32-bit (both vst2 abd vst3) and are therefore blacklisted in cubase 10 .... hope they fix it. Update 04.10.2019 :now are 64-bit versions added, but no sound in the free player ...no testing posible !! what is the sense of the free player ?? frustating posible byers ??? wish i could give it -(minus)5 Stars !!.

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Santoor n Dulcimer Player
Reviewed By mixyguy2
November 12, 2018

What krupa said. One thing I hate is that bait n switch bit. Also their English not so goodly.

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Not this crap again.

RDG Audio love to put their "free sample players" up here because they show up on KVR in the free listing, but after you go to their site, you will see that it is only the player that is free. You don't get any actual sounds without forking over money.

I don't understand why they feel the need to do this. The actual free products of theirs that I have downloaded were of high quality and I have no reason to doubt that their pay products are worthy of consideration on their own terms.

It's not as if people who are interested in free instrument plug-ins are going to be fooled by it. My suspicion is they'll just be as annoyed as I was when they find out the deception.

I would give zero stars because the "player" is useless, but KVR's lowest rating is a single star.

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Real Sitar Player
Reviewed By Starship Krupa
December 19, 2017

I have to give this a "1" rating, which may seem kind of harsh for a "free" VSTi. However, I think that this has earned it by failing to even reach the lowest bar that an instrument can reach: it makes no sound at all.

Apparently the developer had a flash of marketing genius and realized that plug-ins that were marketed as "Free" got more traffic and views on KVR, so they split this keyboard sitar into two parts, the "Player," which they let you download freely, and the "Expansion Pack," which contains the soundware, for which you must pay them $49. This is not "expansion" in the sense that the Player does something without it and the Expansion Pack lets you do more, the Expansion Pack only lets you use the instrument at all. Without it the Player just sits there on the screen with a banner telling you to buy the Expansion Pack.

I can only wonder what percentage of people, having been lured in by interest in a free sitar VSTi, and then going to the trouble of downloading what they think is a lite or demo one, then finding out it is neither, will then want to shell out 50 bucks for a full-priced one from the same site. My guess is that it would be a very small percentage, but then nobody is said to have gone broke overestimating the stupidity of the public.

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