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Reviewed By juliandoe
October 13, 2018

Great free plguin. Compact and easy to use it does its job very well. It does not colour the sound and there's no distortion at all.

I've compared to the Waves L2 ultramaximizer and I can't see any difference.

Highly suggested.

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Reviewed By peferling
May 30, 2018

Simple to use. Small footprint and resource friendly, (use it on multiple tracks), transparent (adds no color) and stable (used in PPro, Audition, Soundbridge, and IL Minihost and AIMP Player via DSP plugin to name a few).

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Reviewed By Skaven
November 1, 2017

This the most reliable and the most transparent master limiter I've encountered, I think it's actually better than the FabFilter or iZotope master limiters. And it's free! Absolutely recommended for anyone working with sound or music.

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