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UGRITONE offers Drum Samples, Virtual Instruments & VST Plugins. We're all about Old-School Metal/Rock/Hardcore. Bringing back the Classic Sound with a Modern Twist. This is where the tone happens.

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Riot Drums
Reviewed By tavasti
May 6th, 2020

Drum plugin with raw, unmixed sounds, so that you can define you sounds yourself. Has nearly every possible mic position you can imagine have for drums, but not having any bleeding to wrong channels. Mixer you can adjust level of each channel, and select where to route.

I got it cheap from offer. Works also in Linux with LinVST.

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Anarchy Drums
Reviewed By Zig
August 11th, 2018

The drums are free and basically OK without any processing etc. Did I mention that they are free? No crippling features as far as I could tell. Good sound that takes me back to my rehearsal room in the mid 80's. And this is where they excel. As the developer says, they're akin to punk drums: raw and unedited. Thanks guys.

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