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Reviewed By Vospi
June 4th, 2021

I always prefer to work with zero-latency.

For this, the Thrillseeker is a literal life-saver. As for its sound, it's a middle ground between a transparent multi-purpose limiter and a straight-up saturator/waveshaper. It helps me limit my dynamics with ease. As for cons, I would note CPU consumption on a slightly higher end of the range. Otherwise, it grew on me, and I'm very thankful it did.

+ Free
+ Great and unique sound (although NOT a transparent one)
+ No peaks over a threshold

- x86 only, so use a bridge or FL Studio or Reaper
- a bit heavy on CPU
- some UI elements update a bit "lazy" sometimes.

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Reviewed By filippenokdanil
December 3rd, 2020

На данный момент, я считаю, что это самый чистый эквалайзер на рынке. Я проверял его на такой программе, как "Plugin Doctor", по результатам нету никакого насыщения даже при усилении в +18 db! Однозначно заслуживает внимание каждого звукорежиссёра.

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Reviewed By filippenokdanil
December 3rd, 2020

Мой самый любимый эквалайзер на данный момент. Не смотрите на то, что он бесплатный, его алгоритмы просто чудо! Он способен очень мягко, тепло и ярко добавлять как верх, так и низ. Так же есть модуль преампа, это нечто.

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Reviewed By nonewwavenofun
August 23rd, 2020

Very clean, subtle 3-band EQ. I particularly like the Russian saturation mode. I've never felt like I needed more features than the free version.

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Reviewed By TreverSnyder
May 18th, 2020

perfect for final mixing. the german mastering preset has a great feel. not overpowering like some eq's. great for adding shine and crisp nips on your tracks.

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Reviewed By Faydit
December 5th, 2019

Excellent (Vintage) Delay with a lot of useful additional options. The manual describes the special features well. Best of all, it's free.

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This plugin is awesome. I can make anything sound like it's a cassette recording. Good on bass and drum busses but on the master as well. My favorite trick though is to sidechain it to a kick which creates a sweet but still very transparent whoomph/sweep-effect of the whole mix.

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Reviewed By 574X
April 11th, 2017

I love this plugin. NastyVCS is in CamelCrusher/CamelPhat territory, but potentially with higher sound quality and CPU use. Compared to those, NastyVCS seems geared more towards mixing and mastering than sound design.

NastyVCS is a great saturation, analog eq, muli-type compressor, and a parallel limiter! -Plus more! It's somewhat like the famous FerricTDS, but has a lot more features. The saturation and the many compression types are capable of being very aggressive, but can easily be dialed in to subtle amounts or beautifully mixed in parallel via the DAW.

It does so much that it was daunting at first, but it's very easy to use once you realize you can approach the modules individually, like on VladG's excellent Limiter No6. On the NastyVCS, the button to turn on the modules is marked "IN" underneath.

I am completely confident about even having NastyVCS at the end of my mastering chain. The limiter knob is a wet/dry parallel NY brickwall compressor, o at 100% it's fully engaged - it gets very loud in Fast mode with the comp makeup gain or the input gain turned up. To finely dial back the output to curb ISPs, the trick is to hold Shift, rather than Ctrl.

I want to be able to confidently use it on any track (instead of my default, excellent and extremely low CPU use comp/saturation/basic limiting chain of Reaper ReaComp & Melda MEqualizer. For example, ReaComp + MEqualizer + CamelCrusher all working hard runs at ~1% CPU use on my vista laptop, whereas a similarly extreme setting with NastyVCS runs at ~1.5%). I suggest the solution of providing the option to remove oversampling on all of the VoS plugins. NastyVCS likely oversamples 4x like FerricTDS. I suspect that it directly corresponds to the CPU Use, which is still very reasonable considering all the modules.

Bridged in 64-bit Reaper, I've had issues with NastyVCS randomly permanently silencing output and having to be reset. However, on my current 32-bit setup NastyVCS has always run perfectly.

Overall, is this plugin still 10/10? Absolutely. Excellent work, Herbert. Thank you.

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