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Vintage Synth Pads is a patch and design company whose focus is artistic sound design.

We believe a good patch or preset brings out the best in the unique capability of each synthesizer.

Our goal is to merge the past with the present and create the best possible presets available.

Having started working with preset designs at the introduction of the classic hardware synths, we take a historical view to what is possible in the world of patch design.

At VSP we design presets that not only sound great but sit in the mix, enhancing the quality of the song.

Products by Vintage Synth Pads

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Piano Variations for Arturia Piano V

Reviewed By methodman3000 [all]
May 3rd, 2017
Version reviewed: 1 on Any OS

I just bought Piano V variations and I think the piano's are warm. I have tried some of them over different varieties of classical music (The Pianist) It used to be sold by PG Music but is no longer being sold so I consider it freeware. But playing MIDI files by Bach and Beethoven and Debussey. The painos range with lots of different kinds of reverbs and the stretches feel different to so that the tuning changes during decay. I will do a quality interview after I have worked with these variations. The only thing missing is a list of the Piano's. When you import them everything is mixed together so they are not separated from the Arturia patches. 108 pianos for $20 isn't a bad deal at all.

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