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Xtant Audio was created by David Healey, a professional composer, musician, and software developer as a platform to share his hand crafted sample libraries with other audio professionals. David has also created many educational videos providing knowledge and insight on a range of subjects that will appeal to musicians, composers, and sample library developers of all abilities.

Since launching in 2010 we have produced a number of in-house sample libraries and provided knowledge and expertise to a variety of developers to enhance their products. Some of the companies and individuals we have worked with include: Sampleism, Strezov Sampling, Nicholas Signat, Tronsonic, Frank Macchia, Wavesfactory, and Paper Stone Instruments.

We aim to produce sample libraries that work and sound good straight out of the (virtual) box. Our instruments are playable without the need to carefully tweak hundreds of parameters to get the sound you desire (although you can still do that if you want). We believe in detailed sampling, efficient scripting, and high playability, allowing you to spend less time setting up the instruments and more time playing them.

With the launch of our current website in 2014 we have increased investment in our own line of sample libraries and you can expect many more from us in the future.

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The Total Composure Orchestra

Reviewed By pR0bL3m [all]
January 4th, 2020
Version reviewed: V1.1 on Any OS

I Have Native Maschine and Kontakt 6. How Do I Properly Install It To My Programs. Please Do A Tutorial on How To Install or Drag and Drop It To Kontakt or MK2. This Would Be A Great Help To So Many People.

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