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Phoscyon 2
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Windows 7 or newer
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OS X 10.13 or newer
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Phoscyon 2

Phoscyon 2 is described as an Acid Line instrument plug-in. It's designed to be faithful 303 emulation with several additions to the signal path that weren't included in the original "Silver Box". Also it provides sequencer for super-convenient pattern writing and advanced arpeggiator.

Re-designed emulation

Sound engine that reproduces 303 sound has been entirely re-designed and re-implemented (in Phoscyon 2) to provide new level of emulation accuracy.

Extended set of parameters

Apart from the parameters that can be found on the original 303, there are also few knobs that were featured on several well known 303's mods and circuit bents.

Calibration trim pots

Phoscyon 2 gives access not only do you the familiar 303 synthesis knobs, but you also to a backstage of inner workings of the synth; the are included the service trim pots, originally designed for calibration + some additional hidden parameters that weren't even featured on the original 303's circuit board.

Vibrato effect

There's specific way of generating vibrato effect using non-modded 303 used by a handful of 303 artists in their work, and achieved in a unique way. The original trick uses a two-note tremolo which is smoothed by note sliding, resulting in a distinctive 303-style vibrato. Phoscyon 2 replicates this process in a more intuitive fashion which is controlled with just two knobs. The vibrato effect relies on two alternating notes rather than an oscillator, so the two-note spread decides vibrato range and the note duration dictates the speed.

FX chain

The plug-in comes with well-suited effects chain tuned to match the sound generating engine.

The distortion

The implementation contains a selection of 19 distinctive-sounding models, based on famous hardware units that are most frequently used with 303s.

Re-orderable insert effects

The addition of 5 re-orderable insert effects:

  • Algorithmic reverb with independent settings for both early and late reflections.
  • 4-band parametric EQ.
  • Delay with tempo sync option and in-loop multi-mode filter.
  • Chorus with two delay lines.
  • Limiter with compression characteristics: controllable knee, ratio, threshold and envelope.

Three different Play Modes

Phoscyon 2 can be used in several different Play Modes.

EXT - External

Acting as regular monophonic synth responding to MIDI notes, Modulation (Vibrato) and Pitch Bend wheels for expression.

SEQ - Internal sequencer

Using internal pattern storage, which allows for convenient editing and replaying patterns with perfect sync with a DAW.

Trigger modes

There are several ways the patterns from internal sequencer can be triggered:

  • MIDI notes.
  • MIDI CC.
  • GUI (using Pattern Selector).

Drag-and-drop export

Using drag'n'drop it's possible to export a pattern as MIDI clip.

Live override

You can non-destructively affect the Accent, Slide or Vibrato while playing for more expressive performance.


Randomizer has been seamlessly integrated into the internal sequencer, allowing you to switch easily back and forth between randomizing a sequence and editing it. You can decide which notes and step attributes are randomized with real-time density control for generated sequences.

Alternative pattern editor views

Phoscyon 2 features two alternative pattern editor views which should appeal to both types of users:

  • Piano-roll view - Modern approach for users preferring convenience over limitations.
  • Keyboard view - The old-school one, reminding classic 303 sequencer, for users preferring limitations of the original unit.

ARP - Advanced arpeggiator

Which is not typical one with few travel modes that generate the note runs on-fly. This tool allows to prepare "template" / arpeggiation patterns in sequencer-like manner to generate more predictable note output as the result.


  • Sound generation engine
    • Faithful 303 emulation with exact set of basic parameters the original Silver Box had.
    • Extended set of parameters - some of them from known 303 mods.
      • Vibrato effect.
      • Optional tuning mode (with Coarse + Fine tune options).
    • Calibration parameters section with access to service trim pots from original 303 circuit board + several circuit bents.
  • FX Chain
    • Distortion
      • Optional compression working in Pre / Post modes.
      • 19 distortion models to select from.
      • Adjustable Color.
    • 5 reorder-able insert effects
      • Algorithmic reverb with independent Early / Late control.
      • 4 band parametric EQ.
      • Delay line with tempo sync option and in-loop multi-mode filter.
      • Double-line chorus.
      • Limiter with optional soft-clip.
  • Play Modes
    • EXT (External)
      • MIDI CC#01 support for vibrato effect.
      • Pitch Bend support.
    • SEQ (Sequencer)
      • Tight host synchronization (DAW's cursor position alignment).
      • Patterns
        • 48 pattern slots available in pattern storage.
        • Pattern length up to 64 steps.
        • Shuffle effect.
        • Step length.
        • Adjustable rate / tempo scale.
      • Editor
        • Copy / Paste / Clear options.
        • Left / Right Shift options.
        • Transpose.
      • Alternative sequencer views
        • Keyboard.
        • Piano-roll.
      • MIDI Export option.
      • Non-destructive Live Override.
      • Randomizer.
      • Note preview option (available for Keyboard view).
      • Auto Increment editing option (Keyboard view only).
    • ARP (Arpeggiator)
      • Arpeggiation patterns editor with same edit function set and pattern parameters the Sequencer patterns provide.
      • 48 patterns slots available in pattern storage.
  • Tag-based preset browser.
  • Screen fit features
    • Several GUI sizes.
    • HiDPI / Retina screens scaling support.
  • MIDI-learn functionality.
  • Over 800 presets and patterns, out-of-the-box.

{See video at top of page}

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Phoscyon 2

Reviewed By DJ Felicius [all]
July 26th, 2023
Version reviewed: 2 on Windows

This is the best 303 emulator imo with loads of extra options. Very versatile sequencer, appegiator and MIDI editor.

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