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Drumazon has been replaced by: Drumazon 2

Was $119.00; Save $60.00 until 8 Mar 2024!
Drumazon 2
Drumazon 2
909 by D16 Group
macOSMac Universal 2 Binary (Arm64)Windows VST VST3 Audio Unit AAX
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Reviewed By DJMenace [all]
December 17th, 2010
Version reviewed: 1.4.4 on Windows

Simply One of the best 909 vsts on the market. Hands down! It sounds so close to the real thing its eerie. For all the oldschool heads such as myself that thrive for the classic 909 need to not look anywhere else, you found what you are looking for with a cherry on top! D16 makes some extremely impressive plugins for great value, and this is no exception. I have heard all the other attempts from other vst makers and frankly they don't capture the essence of the real thing like D16 has. Of course I would take the hardware over the software any day but if I had to choose the next best thing it would be this right here!

This vst captures the pure attitude of the real thing. I have had the chance to play with the real thing on many occasions and Drumazon puts me in the mode like its a software extension of the hardware. Everything you could do with the hardware unit you can do here exactly the same way but with some extras. Unlike the real unit you cannot save presets! Which is awesome for instant call back when you created that hard face punching 909 kick along with everything else you grown to love about the real 909!

User Interface: 10/10

Beautiful GUI that looks exactly like the hardware unit did. Very clean looking and realistic!

Sound: 9/10

Best 909 on the market! It looses a point because its not exactly the real thing but I bet if you were blind folded and the real thing was playing and then the software you will have a hard time telling the difference!

Features: 10/10

Everything a 909 is with the additions of saving presets, drum patterns and the like with no limitations!

Documentation: 10/10

Its easy to operate in the first place but if you didn't know what you were doing you will by the time you were done reading the manual!

Presets: 7/10

As there not many they are good as starting points to get what you want. However, who needs presets anyways with this thing!?

Customer Support: 10/10

D16 are true to the game and there customers. If a time bomb was about to go off in 5 minutes a quick SOS message to them would be replied fast enough to disarm the threat!

Value For The Money: 10/10

Cost 10x less then the real deal and sounds almost exact! Who can complain!

Stability: 10/10

Never crashed even if it was under the influence! Extremely reliable!


If you want a 909 look no further! Light on CPU, clean, quality product! Unfortunately a crowd is not included so start handing flyers out! There is a party going on and it all starts in your computer! =)
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