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Lowdown Bass Synthesizer

Lowdown Bass Synthesizer Lowdown Bass Synthesizer
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Windows Requirements: Windows 7 or above (including Windows 11), 64-bit required. Quad-core computer with 8GB of RAM recommended.
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macOS 10.9 or above (including macOS 12), 64-bit required. Native Apple M1 processor support. Quad-core computer with 8GB of RAM recommended
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Lowdown Bass Synthesizer

The Fattest Floor Synth, Now on Desktop

The Sound of Thunder

The Lowdown Bass Synthesizer recreates the super-fat, room-rattling sounds of the most legendary dual-oscillator bass pedal synth ever made. Heard on countless prog-rock and new wave tracks in the 70s and 80s, this floor pedal monster comes to the desktop for the very first time. From the dual "constant-beat" oscillators to the girthy ladder filter, DSP wizard Mark Barton (MRB) has modeled every aspect of the original with exceptional accuracy. Get down to the ground with Lowdown.

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Outside of a handful of organ-oriented instruments, the original instrument was the first dedicated foot-controlled bass synthesizer, and with its colossal tone, unquestionably the best sounding. It was used by some of the top acts of 70s and 80s, including Rush, Yes, Genesis, U2, and The Police (check out the intro of "Don't Stand So Close To Me" or Phil Collins' "I Don't Care Anymore.").

The original design used a Hz/oct oscillator scaling (as opposed to the more conventional volts/oct oscillator scaling), allowing oscillator detuning amount to remain constant across the keyboard by minimizing the phase cancellation that can happen when two oscillators play simultaneously. Along with a couple of other engineering tricks, this contributes to its beefy sound.

In order to create Cherry Audio's Lowdown, award-winning synth designer and DSP legend Mark Barton carefully analyzed the original's synthesis circuits and precisely recreated them for a massive virtual bass experience like no other. We're simply thrilled with the outcome of this fun and easy-to-use earth-moving bass experience and we hope you love it as much as we do.

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Lowdown Bass Synthesizer
Reviewed By Stoffel11
February 11th, 2023

Superb simulation of the original device, but:

The copy protection system wants to register the plugin and load some stuff online from time to time.

At homestudio that's ok, but on stage you mostly have no internet and therefore it's a very high risk to use this plugin there. I had several connections to the support, got some solutions but have still this annoying behavior. So only two and not five stars.

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Lowdown Bass Synthesizer
Reviewed By Faydit
May 29th, 2022

Excellently sounding recreation of one of the most unique and iconic synthesizers even, in my opinion.

I also know some other plugins which are based on this instrument, some also with some more features, but in comparison I personally find the Lowdown the one with the most authentic, most convincing sound.

Only a few, but very effective controls, so the unit is sonically more flexible than it looks at first glance.

I only have a single wish for a future upgrade, an additional waveform selector for both oscillators, as some other simulations already have it. Even if this may not be absolutely authentic, it increases the sonic flexibility a lot.

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