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Supreme Piano
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Supreme Piano

Supreme Piano 4 features 8 pianos collection together with Neo MasterTool, offers brand new pianos and upgrades monthly in a one year.

Technology evolution can turn things that were seemingly impossible in the past into reality. One exciting feature that Supreme Piano 4 provides is that users can obtain new pianos every month. What is more, the software will also evolve every month. It will be able to stick to one topic, such as Jazz or classical one every month. With this exciting feature, users can feel the freshness of sounds monthly, get more inspiration, and add more creativity to their music.

In Supreme Piano 4, Sound Magic finally is able to provide not only a plugin, but also a full system for music products. We included our mastering system, Neo MasterTool, into Supreme Piano 4. With this multi-effects system, Supreme Piano 4 will not only help its users to get the most professional final sounds, but also provide more possibilities in sounds.

Supreme Piano 4 has a basic handpicked, 8 piano set from 7 world famous piano manufacturers. To ensure best sound quality, Sound Magic had handpicked these 8 pianos from a large piano poll.

Get this, though: thanks to the trailblazing technology that Sound Magic incorporates into its virtual instruments, Supreme Piano 4 is, in essence, an instrument with a musical soul rather than a machine-like feel — an admirable attribute that sets it apart from an abundance of solely sample-based virtual instruments out there that it could conceivably be pitched against. As such, textually making an appearance on a GUI (Graphical User Interface) that is as easy on the eye as it is to use — albeit actions always speak louder than words, the new Neo Piano engine powering Supreme Piano 4 really represents the pinnacle of sound sampling since it lets users effectively express more than 1.6-million sounds on a single note — numerically speaking, this achieves 400 times more variations than a 'traditional' sample engine! Every note played is unique, creating vivid sound representation by striking a rich, accurate tone — even with minimal movement.

Resonances play an important role in a piano's sound. It adds extra beauty to the overall sound. Reality dictates that every grand piano's sizeable soundboard reflects sound that resonates in conjunction with the wooden body of the instrument itself. Indeed, it is this continuous process that makes every note played sound so unique. Ultimately, in order to simulate this behavior, Sound Magic captured multi-angled IRs (Impulse Responses) from the soundboard, and then used modelling technology to convert those IRs into Multi-Dimensional Resonance algorithms. The result? An amazingly true-to-life concert hall sound readily available at anyone's fingertips.

Sympathetic Resonance happens when Harmonics are heard in keys related to keys that are struck. It is an interaction between different strings and adds extra color to every note's sound. It makes them sound unique so that the audience can enjoy listening. Sustain Resonance and String Resonance can be heard when sustain pedals are pressed. Although they are subtle sometimes, as a part of Piano resonance, Supreme Piano 4 has the ability to represent different resonances in the right way, and provide controls on their amount and behavior.

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Supreme Piano

Reviewed By MeldaProduction [all]
June 18th, 2009
Version reviewed: 1 on Windows

I was looking for a decent piano ever since. So logically then this comes up I immediately tried it, and these are my personal feelings about it.

First I like the sound. Unlinke Truepianos, which just seem so dull, or Pianoteq which IMHO has some weird phasing issues and the attack is just weird, this seems very good in all these matters.

This piano is one of the first, that felt good when I played it, and also it could easily fit the mix, which is in most cases a big problem (at least for me :) ).

So far the positives - now the negatives - first, for a piano made in Synthedit it is very expensive. The Synthedit problem follows - it has a very big unstable CPU and memory hit (unlike the description says). When I loaded it, it consumed all of the CPU for about 10 seconds, so the playback stopped. That doesn't matter so much, thought 10 seconds of loading is quite a lot IMHO. But then when I played a few notes, the CPU consumption raised by 20-30% with no exception. That's too much for a piano sampler/synthesizer. I have AMD 64 3000+.

And there's more - the CPU impact raises a lot with decreasing latency. I was almost unable to work with it in 44kHz and 256 samples latency, it was ok in 1024 samples, but let's be honest, 1/44 second isn't really sufficient for realtime playing/recording.

I didn't talk about GUI and such stuff, since this was a big stopper for me. Pitty, I hoped I found the one :).

Generally in my opinion this could be a great piano, but to make it really professional, they should stop using synthedit and make something real. They have done great recording job, but this needs some serious programming, which just isn't there. Well, I'm back with my ordinary piano from Cubase Halion One, which still sounds best, but not really ideal.

PS. There is no CPU consumption field in the ratings, so I put it into stability.
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