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Vokko 2
What is it?
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System Requirements
VST2 32-bit compatible DAW (either native or bridged)

In case your DAW doesn't provide a bridge you must use one (Jbridge is a very good option)
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Important Note
Only Windows VST2 32-bit. You must use a bridge if you want to use it on a 64-bit DAW. Jbridge works wonders.
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Vokko 2

Vokko 2 is a Stereo Vocoder.


  • It has a big interface, more suitable to today's 1080p resolution and requirements such as touch.
  • It has a Sf2 player, a Sf2 based wavetable oscillator and a Synthesizer.
  • The whole signal flow is in Stereo. From the input to the output. Which allows richer stereo material to be used as carriers, producing rich vocoded sounds as opposed to the traditional static and mono vocoders.
  • The Sf2 Oscillator has a collection of special waveforms, most notably one special super saw reportedly the same used by Roger Troutman from Zapp.
  • The Sf2 player allows you to load anything of your choice. Long moving pads work really good. Vokko comes with one of the best pads ever made, called "MyGod" from a company called Melody Machine. This specific pad is a very dynamic and sparkly and works wonders as a carrier.
  • An additional Synth is available, also breath and pitch tracking.
  • An LFO allows you to add vibrato and control breath, filter cutoff and pan.
  • Two filters in parallel allows you to further tune your final sound and levels.
  • A Bit Crusher at the end to add a "Speak n Spell" feeling if you want to.
  • You can also use two arbitrary WAV files to vocode each other. In this case Vokko acts more like a generator (you can use the VSTi version for that).
  • Low CPU usage. Vokko 2 uses little CPU considering is a stereo vocoder with all it's features. In fact is highly efficient and bug free.
  • It is ONLY PC VST2 32-bit. If you use a 64-bits windows DAW you can use a VST plugin bridge (jbridge works wonders).
  • The installer comes with a link to a tutorial video.
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Vokko 2
Reviewed By corlenbelspar
December 12th, 2021

I had made a vocoder that could use soundfonts like this, but lost it. This does it even better and grants way better texture control since you're not restricted to using simple waveforms.

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