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News Archive for March 2005

31st March 2005Audio Ease releases AltiVerb 5

31st March 2005WOK Filterbank v1.0 released

31st March 2005Polyvoks Station and Syncaine TM-200X updated to v1.4

31st March 2005Wizoo announces Wizooverb W2 (and W5)

31st March 2005ColdNews releases Pixel Burn v1.0

31st March 2005otiumFX updates BassLane VST to 1.1

31st March 2005Voxengo updates Tempo Delay to v1.6

30th March 2005Receptor v1.2 beta now available

30th March 2005Sonic Assault releases Sinthecyza!3

30th March 2005HG Fortune releases Swamp - Timbre Modulation Synthesizer

30th March 2005Cycling '74 updates MODE to v1.2.1 and releases Windows version

30th March 2005FXpansion updates BFD to v1.0.10.20

30th March 2005Cycling '74 updates Pluggo to v3.5.1

30th March 2005ManyStation updated to v1.1.06

29th March 2005SKYLIFE announces SampleRobot

29th March 2005M-Audio releases Key Rig and Drum & Bass Rig

29th March 2005Kjaerhus Audio releases Golden Audio Channel | GAC-1

29th March 2005magnus @ Smart Electronix releases NyquistEq for OS X

29th March 2005White Noise Audio updates Additive (v1.3.1) and Zero Vector (v1.1)

29th March 2005WWAYM updates NWEQ to v1.1

29th March 2005Wusik releases v1.1.06 of WusikEngine (WS/TSW/VOX'd)

29th March 2005VSTHost v1.27 and SAVIHost v1.18 released

28th March 2005Voxengo HarmoniEQ v1.1 released

27th March 2005g200kg releases NoteGraphica v0.9

27th March 2005SAWStudio v3.9d (Basic v1.4d) released

27th March 2005Wave Arts Power Suite Promotion - $100 off

26th March 2005Maxx Claster updates Toxic to v1.0.1

25th March 2005mdsp @ Smartelectronix releases Fre(a)koscope

25th March 2005dfh Superior v1.4.1 released

25th March 2005SpinAudio releases RoomVerb M2 v2.2

25th March 2005Audio Ease updates Altiverb to v4.2.8

25th March 2005Les Productions Zvon releases Zamp v1.0

25th March 2005Rayzoon Technologies releases Jamstix

25th March 2005Subminimal updates Pseudograins to v1.0.7

24th March 2005Majken releases Pan-Oh!-Rama v1.0

24th March 2005CC4 releases Ridiculously Red and Kabgnals v1.0

24th March 2005Voxengo updates GlissEQ to v2.5

24th March 2005SoundFonts.it releases MrRay SeventyThree & MrDonald

24th March 2005Delta SP v1.6.5 released (incl. VST Export)

24th March 2005Psychic Modulation updates Cortex and Arptron

24th March 2005SonicBirth Preview release 3 now available

24th March 2005Steinberg updates Cubase SX/SL to v3.0.2 build 622

24th March 2005Steinberg updates Nuendo to v3.0.2 build 622

24th March 2005LUXONIX releases Ravity for OSX

24th March 2005WWAYM updates NWSynth and Dynamix to v1.1.1

23rd March 2005G-amp lite updated to v1.2

23rd March 2005crusherX-Live! v3.5 released

23rd March 2005Native Instruments announces details of the Kontakt 2 library

23rd March 2005u-he releases Filterscape beta for Windows

23rd March 2005Tobybear's BitViewer ported to OSX (AU/VST)

23rd March 2005Zero-G ASL - Analogue Sequencer Loops now shipping

23rd March 2005SynthFont updated to v0.997

23rd March 2005Audio Damage releases Ronin multi-fx

23rd March 2005ModernBeats releases Vintage Machinez 1

22nd March 2005Hazelden releases Reverb-O-Matic v1.1

22nd March 2005Elevayta updates FreEq Boy to v2.0.2 and Wider Boy Pro to v4.0

22nd March 2005Elevayta releases Extra Boy v1.1.4

22nd March 2005Buffer Synth 2 updated to v1.0.3

22nd March 2005IxoxDelay updated to v1.1 and IxoxChorus v0.9 released

22nd March 2005BuzMaxi 3 v1.0.1 released

22nd March 2005Acon Digital Media releases Studio Clean Package

22nd March 2005Tiny God released Tiny FX v0.325

22nd March 2005Renoise v1.5 released

22nd March 2005Numerology updated to v1.4.2

22nd March 2005Wusik launches 3 VSTi Group Buy

22nd March 2005Finalis renamed Finis, plus Eqium, Firium and Neodynium updated

22nd March 2005Voxengo updates Pristine Space to v1.4

21st March 2005Dance Pack for GarageBand released

21st March 2005Drumular modular drum synth announced

21st March 2005Voxengo Analogflux Suite v1.3 released

21st March 2005g200kg releases NoteGraphica v0.8

21st March 2005Mig Music releases B4 Organ Sounds Collection (+Buy 1 Get 1 Free)

21st March 2005EVE v1.8 and Evalon soundset released

21st March 2005Les Productions Zvon releases Julie's Scats Collection

21st March 2005ConcreteFX releases Viper

21st March 2005Audio Ease updates Altiverb to v4.2.7

21st March 2005Novation releases Bass-Station v1.4

19th March 2005NI releases Vokator v1.1.1 (OSX)

19th March 2005VSamp updated to v3.6

19th March 2005Augustus Loop v1.4.1 released

19th March 2005LUXONIX ravity for OSX release announced

19th March 2005WWAYM releases NWEQ

19th March 2005Wusik releases VOX'd and The Second Wave

18th March 2005Subminimal updates Pseudograins to v1.0.5

18th March 2005Kn0ck0ut updated to v0.8

18th March 2005Vanguard updated to v1.2

15th March 2005EastWest releases Quantum Leap's Colossus & RA

15th March 2005NI Komplete Sound now available in stores

15th March 2005Synthmaker v0.9.2 released

15th March 2005AudioMulch 0.9 beta 19 released

15th March 2005Absynth 3 demo version now available

15th March 2005Voxengo Elephant v2.3 released

14th March 2005discoDSP updates Discovery to v2.3

14th March 2005Tobybear updates MiniHost to v1.6.2

11th March 2005Starplugs releases Hammer Drum Synth

11th March 2005xoxos releases Steam

11th March 2005H.G. Fortune STS-17 Transition Synthesizer v1.2f released

11th March 2005Psychic Modulation launches Neurosynth Pack Limited Time Offer

11th March 2005Devine Machine updates Lucifer to v1.5

11th March 2005Unknown64 updated to v1.1

11th March 2005Korg (USA) launches Triton Extreme/Legacy Collection Promotion

11th March 2005Virtual Mixing Console v1.2 build 180 released

11th March 2005Boxsounds releases Mini Voctopus

11th March 2005Polarity Tubester-1 updated

10th March 2005IxoxDelay v1.0 released

9th March 2005NOVAkILL announces Generation X synth range

9th March 2005Plogue releases Bidule v0.8

9th March 2005Steinberg releases HALion v3.1

9th March 2005Sony updates ACID Pro to v5.0a

9th March 2005Ableton updates Live to v4.1.1

9th March 2005SynthFont updated to v0.9.9.6

5th March 2005Tobybear MiniHost updated to v1.6.1

5th March 2005AnarchyRhythms v2.0 released

4th March 2005Super String Thing updated to v1.1

4th March 2005Voxengo Impulse Modeler v1.8 released

4th March 2005SynthEdit v0.959.9 beta released

4th March 2005Elevayta Convo Boy v2.0.2 released

3rd March 2005Tobybear releases MiniHost v1.6

3rd March 2005Wollo- Beat, FMERA, Drone and Spacer released

3rd March 2005Acon updates Studio Time to v1.1

3rd March 2005Zvon releases Julie's Vocal FX and Marching Band Horn Vol.2

3rd March 2005Jack OS X updated to v0.6.1

2nd March 2005FL Studio updated to v5.0.2

2nd March 2005Le Barrail releases Varicelle (VST Mixer)

2nd March 2005BetabugsAudio releases BugPass (Filter)

2nd March 2005Boxsounds releases Voctopus Vocoder

2nd March 2005JAGO updates Oktasampliz to v1.3

2nd March 2005BetabugsAudio releases Moneo and W1 Limiter

2nd March 2005expert sleepers updates Augustus Loop to v1.4

1st March 2005WWAYM releases nWsynth and Dynamix

1st March 2005i3 updates DSP-Quattro to v2.0.2

1st March 2005Polarity releases Tubester-2

1st March 2005Tweakbench updates Breakdown, Mashup and Sideslip to v2.0

1st March 2005Precisionsound releases Funky Electric P200 (HAL/Kon/Sfz)