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Voxengo Impulse Modeler v1.8 released


Voxengo has released v1.8 of Impulse Modeler, the tool which allows you to design your own room impulse responses ranging from small rooms to large echo halls to small "intimate" cabinets to echoing soundscapes. You have the opportunity to design materials and room's geometry. A range of other options are also available.

This update increases calculation speed by 25% or more, especially on heavy geometry designs. Impulse Modeler now features emitter groups which allow you to create several differently positioned impulses using the same design.

Another useful improvement in this version is the implementation of polar patterns for receptors. These polar patterns partially recreate common microphone polar patterns and can be used for the same purpose during impulse design.


  • Impulse calculation speed increased by about 25% or more, especially on heavy geometry designs.
  • Emitter groups implemented.
  • Recepting wall's polar patterns implemented. They fully correspond to polar patterns found in microphones.
  • Additional visual size increase.
  • Recepting wall's 'ala microphone axis' marks added.
  • A special advanced "Add pre silence" option added. This option adds 512 leading samples to the generated impulse file. This mode preserves time synchronization of the impulse response while also preserving its tonal balance. Generated impulses can be used in Pristine Space if its "Latency +512" global option was enabled. Please note that this latency is locked to the sample rate and any further resampling may alter time synchronization. This means that you should generate impulse response at the same sample rate as you plan to use during production.


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