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News Archive for April 2003

29th April 2003Competition Reminder (and iZotope discount offer)

29th April 2003Synapse Orion Pro and Platinum v4.0 released

28th April 2003Manyetas Ritmo v1.0 released

28th April 2003ConcreteFX Granite Drum Synth released

28th April 2003Tiny God Heartburn updated to v1.2

27th April 2003Arturia Moog Modular V updated to v1.1

24th April 2003Vovoid MonoMonster released

24th April 2003MusicLab SmartFlute 1.0 released

24th April 2003Polac VST Loader for Buzz updated to v1.1b

23rd April 2003i3 DSP Quattro updated to v1.04

23rd April 2003rgcAudio z3ta+ v1.1 released

22nd April 2003Manyetas Ritmo updated to v1.0b6

21st April 2003SampleTank for OS X released

20th April 2003FASoft n-Track Studio updated to v3.2.1

17th April 2003FXpansion VST to Audio Unit Adapter now shipping

16th April 2003Brainspawn forte: Ensemble and Quartet 1.0 now available

16th April 2003HALion 2.0 is now shipping

16th April 2003PowerFX Dyad DXi demo available

16th April 2003Manyetas Ritmo v1.0b5 released

16th April 2003Rob Papen/LinPlug Albino now shipping as a boxed version

15th April 2003AAS Tassman Demo version now available

14th April 2003rgcAudio Competition Winners!

14th April 2003polyIblit v0.9 released

14th April 2003FL Studio 4.1 released

14th April 2003AudioMulch v0.9b12 released

14th April 2003LinPlug updates: Delta III v3.05 and Rob Papen Albino v1.01b

14th April 2003Big Tick EP-Station v1.0 released

14th April 2003VAZ Family Updates

14th April 2003Tobybear Helios updated to v1.5c

14th April 2003ConcreteFX Ethereal released

9th April 2003Effect Frenzy! It's Competition time again!

8th April 2003DashSynthesis daAlfa2k v2.0 released

8th April 2003Manyetas Ritmo public beta released

7th April 2003Jeskola XS-1 R3 released

6th April 2003NBM Grenade updated to v1.1

4th April 2003BitHeadz release Unity Synth Expander 1 and update Unity to v3.1

4th April 2003FXpansion announces VST to AudioUnit Adapter for Mac OS X

4th April 2003Muon/CM DS-404 updated to v1.11

4th April 2003ConcreteFX Industry v1.1 updated

4th April 2003DS404 import/export support added to Awave Studio

3rd April 2003Tobybear updates and releases

3rd April 2003Synapse Junglist and Scorpion both updated to v3.2

3rd April 2003Big Tick Rhino updated to v1.05 inc 64 new presets

3rd April 2003DiscoDSP Vertigo announced

3rd April 2003reFX Slayer 2 announced

2nd April 2003energyXT updated to v1.18

1st April 2003SpeedSoft VSampler v3.0 RC 3 released