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News Archive for May 2010

30th May 2010FXpansion launches DCAM: Synth Squad - Name That Tune Competition

28th May 2010New Prize from Kong Audio added to KVR 10 Celebration

28th May 2010Propellerhead announces Reason 5 and Record 1.5

28th May 2010Samplemodeling releases The Trombone

28th May 2010Modartt announces Pianoteq Play

28th May 2010The Lower Rhythm releases Rhinoceros v2.0

28th May 2010NUSofting releases EMM Knagalis Beta for Mac (AU/VST) and updates Strings Dream for Mac

28th May 2010Softknobs releases Blofeld Virtual Editor v0.8

28th May 2010saltline releases Ichi v2.0

28th May 2010Benjamin Schulz updates Oszillos-Mega-Scope to v1.1

28th May 2010112dB updates Redline Reverb to v1.0.2

28th May 2010Voxengo updates Deft Compressor to v1.1

24th May 2010FabFilter releases 64-bit plug-ins for Mac and Windows

24th May 2010Bremmers Audio Design updates MultitrackStudio to v6.21

24th May 2010FreePlayer Announced

24th May 2010Muse Research announces 3 New RECEPTOR Bundles in partnership with Vir2 Instruments, GForce Software and Rob Papen

24th May 2010reKon audio releases VST-AU JUNO-106 Editor

24th May 2010n-Track Software releases n-Track for Mac v0.3.0 Beta Build 2575

24th May 2010Full Bucket Music releases The blooo

24th May 20107Aliens announces W2 Harmonizer

24th May 2010Tek'it Audio releases Genobazz

24th May 2010AudioTeknikk releases GreenEugene v0.4

24th May 2010WOK releases Formantbank

24th May 2010TubeOhm releases Bruno 205/205Rack v1.41

24th May 2010Native Instruments releases Deep Freq for Kore

24th May 2010MellowMuse updates EQ1A (v1.8), CP1A (v1.8), CP2V (v1.3) and IR1A (v2.4)

24th May 2010Rob Papen updates SubBoomBass to v1.0.5

24th May 2010LiquidSonics updates Reverberate to v1.417

24th May 2010Steinberg launches Nuendo 5

23rd May 2010Acoustica updates Mixcraft to v5.1 b139

23rd May 2010Zynewave updates Podium to v2.30

23rd May 2010Modartt updates Pianoteq to v3.6.1

23rd May 2010Image Line updates Drumaxx to v1.2.1

23rd May 2010Ichiro Toda updates Synth1 to v1.12

23rd May 2010Iced Audio updates AudioFinder to v5.0.1

23rd May 2010Rayzoon Technologies updates Jamstix to v3.0.1

23rd May 2010Cockos updates REAPER to v3.52

23rd May 2010Voxengo updates Latency Delay to v2.1

23rd May 2010Agitated State updates MenuMagic/MenuMagic Lite to v1.5.1.1

23rd May 2010SynthFont updated to v1.412

23rd May 2010XILS-lab updates XILS 3 LE to v1.0.5 and releases it

23rd May 2010LinPlug updates Organ 3 for Windows to v3.1.2 (and announces Limited Time Sale)

23rd May 2010AudioSpillage updates DrumSpillage to v1.0.2

23rd May 2010g200kg updates KeroVee to v1.22

16th May 2010MeldaProduction releases MMultiBandHarmonizer and updates all other effect plug-ins

16th May 2010Bitterspring releases 4 Band Shifter

16th May 2010WOK releases XPhaser

16th May 2010MZK Media Technologies releases Distortion M Plus

16th May 2010Iced Audio releases AudioFinder v5.0

16th May 2010Vir2 Instruments releases Electri6ity

16th May 2010Wave Arts releases 64-bit Windows Plug-ins, Lowers Prices and releases Power Suite and Master Restoration v5.51 Public Beta

16th May 2010Kuassa releases Amplifikation One for Mac and updates Win version to v1.0.1

16th May 2010MOTU updates Ethno to v2.0.1 and Electric Keys to v1.0.3

16th May 2010GoldWave updated to v5.56

16th May 2010Spectrasonics updates Trilian and Omnisphere to v1.3.2c

16th May 2010EastWest updates PLAY Software to v2.0.9 and RA to v1.0.2 and Ministry of Rock to v1.0.5

16th May 2010Sony Creative Software updates Vegas Pro to v9.0e

16th May 2010Maizesoft updates Maize Sampler to v2.03

16th May 2010Arturia updates Brass to v2.0.5

16th May 2010Waldorf updates Largo for Windows to v1.5.1

16th May 2010Sinevibes updates Gateboy to v1.3.1

12th May 2010New Prize from Berkleemusic added to KVR 10 Celebration

12th May 2010Best Service releases Cinematique Instruments

12th May 2010Best Service releases Gu Zheng

12th May 2010HyperSynth releases Miniak-editor and announces 33% Off HyperSID HW Unit in May

12th May 2010PG Music updates Band-in-a-Box 2010 to Build 299 (Win) / 16 (Mac) and PowerTracks Pro Audio 2010 to Build 4

12th May 2010Variety Of Sound releases NastyVCS - Virtual Console Strip

12th May 2010Sample Logic releases Acoustix for Live

12th May 2010Voxengo updates GlissEQ to v3.2

12th May 2010SynthFont updated to v1.410

12th May 2010Merging Technologies releases Pyramix 6.2 SP1, VCube 2.2 SP1 and Ovation 1.2 SP1

12th May 2010Sensomusic updates Usine to v5.16

12th May 2010Topten Software updates Cantabile v2.0 to Build 2056

12th May 2010UVI SoundSource releases "WaveFrame Sound Collection" (UVI Soundpack) and updates UVI Workstation to v1.1.6

12th May 2010algoriddim updates djay to v3.1.1

12th May 2010XILS-lab updates XILS 3 to v1.2

12th May 2010NTS Audio Labs updates Minimaler to v1.2

12th May 2010g200kg updates KeroVee to v1.21

12th May 2010Faber Acoustical updates Electroacoustics Toolbox and SignalScope Pro to v2.1.8

12th May 2010MellowMuse updates ATA, CP1A, CP2V, EQ1A, IR1A and Mellowhead

12th May 2010LiquidSonics updates Reverberate to v1.416

10th May 2010FMJ-Software updates Awave Audio to v10.4

10th May 2010EastWest updates PLAY to v2.0.8

10th May 2010LinPlug re-releases Element P (Win), updates Octopus to v1.3 (Mac) and SaxLab to v2.1 (Win, incl. x64)

10th May 2010de la Mancha releases sixtyfive

9th May 2010Blue Cat Audio updates Equalizer Plug-ins, including RTAS and 64-bit support

9th May 2010TwistedWave updated to v1.9 (incl. VST support)

9th May 2010Ichiro Toda updates Synth1 to v1.11

9th May 2010Thomas Mundt updates LoudMax to v1.08

9th May 2010eaReckon updates BloXpander to v1.1.0

9th May 2010Loomer updates Manifold and Resound to v1.4.1 (incl. 64-bit)

9th May 2010Mark Henning updates AnaMark to v2.25b

9th May 2010DDMF updates IIEQPro to v2.08

3rd May 2010Zynewave updates Podium to v2.29

3rd May 2010MOTU updates Digital Performer to v7.12

3rd May 2010Maizesoft updates Maize Sampler to v2.02

3rd May 2010Softube releases Valley People Dyna-mite

3rd May 2010Rob Papen updates RG to v1.5.0

3rd May 2010Minnetonka Audio Software updates SurCode for Dolby Pro Logic II to v2.5

3rd May 2010BIAS updates SoundSoap to v2.4

3rd May 2010rs-met updates CrossOver to v10.04

3rd May 2010MUTOOLS updates MU.LAB to v3.0.43

3rd May 2010LiquidSonics updates Reverberate to v1.414

3rd May 2010MoDSP releases Nocturne Bass

3rd May 2010Tactile Sounds updates TS-808 to v1.0.0.2

3rd May 2010MusicDevelopments updates RapidComposer to v1.1

3rd May 2010AudioTeknikk updates MidSideMangler to v2.0

3rd May 2010g200kg updates KeroVee to v1.20

3rd May 2010FXpansion releases BFD Eco

3rd May 2010Ueberschall releases Score Elements (Elastik Soundbank)

3rd May 2010Artificial Audio announces Quartz

3rd May 2010Ultimate Sound Bank updates UVI Workstation to v1.1.5

3rd May 2010Ichiro Toda updates Synth1 to v1.0.9

3rd May 2010FXpansion updates DCAM: Synth Squad to v1.0.3.11

3rd May 2010Spectrasonics updates Omnisphere and Trilian to v1.3.1c

3rd May 2010Cockos updates REAPER to v3.51

3rd May 2010AAS updates Lounge Lizard Session (v3.1.4), Ultra Analog Session (v1.1.4) and Strum Acoustic Session (v1.0.2) (incl. x64)