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News Archive for September 2023

30th September 2023Incognet Samples releases Bass Bomb Bangers [Sounds, FL Projects & Presets Pack]

30th September 2023Vicious Antelope October Sale - Up to 70% off more than 250 packs

30th September 2023Vicious Antelope releases "Free Granulars" for Omnisphere 2

30th September 2023Mix Challenge Competitions in October 2023

30th September 2023Xenos Soundworks Sale: 50% Off Everything

30th September 2023Xenos Soundworks releases 'Cyberpunk 2086' for Xfer Serum

30th September 2023MeldaProduction releases "MGuitarArchitect - The Guitar Chain Simulator"

30th September 2023Orastron releases Brickworks Music DSP Toolkit 1.0.0

29th September 2023ZenDAW releases Prismic for Kontakt

29th September 2023VSP Sale: Save 25% on 120 Synth Soundsets and Impulse Responses

28th September 2023Fuse Audio Labs Weekend Sale - 50% Off

28th September 2023Xhun Audio updates WindChant to v1.2.0

28th September 2023XILS-lab releases Ring'X Multi-Effect Plugin

28th September 2023Applied Acoustics Systems releases "Real Illusions" for Multiphonics CV-2 and AAS Player

28th September 2023PSP releases ConsoleQ v2.0.0 and updates Lexicon PSP42 to v2.0.1

28th September 2023Roland releases GAIA 2 Synthesizer

28th September 2023Modartt releases Organteq 2 - German Baroque stops, enhanced sound engine, new voicing parameters and more

28th September 2023TTM Works updates free ttm000(Organ), ttm002(Synth A), ttm003e(Master E), ttm006(Synth C), ttm008(Guitar A), ttm009(Brass A), and ttm010(Synth B), ttm012(Synth D) plugins for Windows

28th September 2023Ueberschall releases Brass Funk & Soul (Elastik soundbank)

28th September 2023Audioblast updates BreadSlicerPRO to v1.3.2 for macOS & Windows VST, AU & AAX

28th September 2023GForce Software updates Oberheim SEM to v1.6 - Complete GUI Overhaul

28th September 2023MixMeister software updated to v7.8.0.1 - now supports Windows 11 and Mac OS 14

28th September 2023Black Octopus Sound and Futuretone release Chill House Dreamer

28th September 2023UVI offers 40% off Orchestral Suite through October 2nd

28th September 2023Martinic releases Diaphanous Collection for the AX73 synth plugin

27th September 2023HoRNet updates SAMP to v1.2.6

27th September 2023Excite Audio Now Available On Rent To Own

27th September 2023Bitwig and PreSonus announce 'DAWproject', a DAW-agnostic project format

27th September 2023apulSoft updates apShaper to v1.2.1

26th September 2023Softrave releases "Postmodern Lo Fi Hip Hop Drums vol 1" Sample library

26th September 2023Bingoshakerz releases "Wild West Stories" Sample Pack

26th September 2023Bremmers Audio Design adds MIDI-CI support to MultitrackStudio

26th September 2023VAST Dynamics Vaporizer2 Hybrid Wavetable Synthesizer Sampler Plugin now Free and Open Source

26th September 2023suzumushi updates PolyPortamento to v1.1.0 (Windows, VST3, Free)

25th September 2023Produce-RNB Offer: All Products (VSTs, MIDI, Presets, etc.) for $99 (valued at over $2K)

25th September 2023AudioThing updates miniBit to v1.6.5 - Adds Linux and iOS support

25th September 2023Deskew Technologies updates Gig Performer to v4.7 - Major Update

25th September 2023AudioRealism Bass Line 3 updated to v3.3.2.6

25th September 2023The Zero-G Orchestral Sale - Up to 80% off selected titles

25th September 2023XiiixxiQ updates Roundels to v1.2.0

25th September 2023Woodman's Immaculate Maple Syrup Studio updates WoodValvet to v1.1 adding oversampling and more, both on MacOS and iOS

24th September 2023NatLife Sounds releases reFX Vanguard 2 FL Studio Template

24th September 2023Todd-AO releases BG Builder - Sound FX Editor Productivity Tool for iOS

24th September 2023Be Good Audio "Time Razor" 29 € until November 1st, 2023

23rd September 2023Libre Wave releases "The Shepherd's Flute" - Bulgarian Kaval Sample Library (45% Off)

23rd September 2023Vicious Antelope releases free "Celestial Diva" preset pack for Diva synth

23rd September 2023Stoev Lab updates Interference, Projection and Symmetry for VCV Rack

22nd September 2023IMSTA FESTA New York Returns To NYC

22nd September 2023Rast Sound releases 'Plugins Collection 2' with a bundle offer

22nd September 2023Larry Taylor updates AudioUnitInfo to v1.3.1 for macOS

22nd September 2023Audiomodern releases Deconstruct - Free Expansion for Playbeat

22nd September 2023Drumdrops September Sale

22nd September 2023Triple Spiral Audio releases Legacy for Omnisphere 2

22nd September 2023Ueberschall Get Inspired Sale - Save Up To 87% on Elastik libraries

21st September 2023The Very Loud Indeed Co. releases Omnisphere Fjall

21st September 2023APU Software updates Loudness Compressor and Loudness Meter to v1.9.1

21st September 2023Sinuslabs Deal: Reach Reverb Plugin for $20

21st September 2023Avid releases "Pro Tools Sketch" to Expand Pro Tools Workflows

21st September 2023Zero-G releases "Celestial Visions" textural Kontakt instrument with Intro Offer

21st September 2023Sound Magic updates free Piano One SE to v1.1, Cadenza Brass to v1.1, and Cinema Grand to v1.4

21st September 2023Virharmonics announces "Bohemian Viola" Pre-order (40% off)

21st September 2023Positive Grid Offers Free Download of BIAS FX 2 - One Day Only

21st September 2023Black Octopus Sound and Futuretone release Hybrid Trap Rumble

20th September 2023Patchbanks releases WaivOps RTRO-DRM open source dataset for AI music research and development

20th September 2023accSone updates crusher-X to v10.30

20th September 2023SoundsDivine releases "Cinematic Orchestra" for Universal Audio Opal

20th September 2023Soundiron releases "Sitarion" - Electric sitar library for Kontakt

20th September 2023Touch The Universe 25% Off All Soundsets & Bundles - 48 HR Flash Sale

20th September 2023ZAK Sound releases "Deep Waters" - Reverb Plugin Created from Water Sounds

20th September 2023UnitedPlugins updates Plamen to v1.1

20th September 2023IRCAM releases ASAP Stretch Life (ASAP updated to v1.2.0)

20th September 2023App Sound releases "Free 800" sound pack for Behringer Pro-800

19th September 2023The Bob Moog Foundation announces "Story of Moraz" Exhibit at ProgStock 2023

19th September 2023Karoryfer releases Surfkiss for Sforzando with intro offer

19th September 2023Resonance Sound releases Deep House Vocals

19th September 2023Toontrack releases Acoustic Songwriter 2 EZkeys MIDI pack

19th September 2023Sample Logic Realms - Cinematic Spaces Intro offer

19th September 2023Sample Logic releases "Realms - Cinematic Spaces" Multi-Effect Plugin

19th September 2023Tom Wolfe releases 'Dirt' soundbank for u-he Diva with intro offer

19th September 2023Nembrini Audio releases v3.0 upgrade for free Crunck V2 Guitar Amplifier plugin

19th September 2023SampleScience releases Organic Alien Drones for Windows and macOS (VST & AU)

18th September 2023Visions TNT Music "Morphed - Weaving Soundscapes" for Kontakt - 25% Off

18th September 2023Zenhiser releases Burner - Drum & Bass Sample Pack

18th September 2023Cool WAV releases Low Battery Vol. 1 - presets for Baby Audio BA-1 Synthesizer

18th September 2023G-Sonique updates Alien 303 V2 - Adds VST3 and native x64-bit VST versions

18th September 2023NUGEN Audio updates VisLM to v2.11.0.0 - 7.1.4 AAX support

17th September 2023Toybox release Thump One - synth plugin with a glitchy 'wavetable' engine

17th September 2023HOFA-Plugins releases IQ-Series Limiter V2

17th September 2023MV's Plugins releases free MVerb 7B (Windows VST)

17th September 2023Kuassa releases Shoegaze Essential Bundle (Plug-ins and RE) and Efektor Meloditron Rack Extension at Introductory Prices

17th September 2023discoDSP updates Bliss sampler to v2.6

17th September 2023The Sound Gardxn releases Hydraverse soundbank for the ASM Hydrasynth

16th September 2023Vicious Antelope releases free "Deep Signs" soundbank for Tyrell N6 synth

16th September 2023ThaLoops releases AfroVox - African Vocal Loops

15th September 2023Samples From Mars releases "Pulsar From Mars" - Drum Sample Pack

15th September 2023ToneBoosters updates all plugins

15th September 2023W. A. Production releases "KickShaper" Multi-FX plugin (60% off)

15th September 2023Be Good Audio updates Time Razor to v1.1.2

15th September 2023Softrave Autumn Discount - 6 VST Guitar Pedals for 15 EU

15th September 2023Rob Papen releases LowSane

15th September 2023SoundBetter releases Butterfly Effect - Ambient Reverb Plugin (VST3, AAX, AU)

14th September 2023SAE "Drums and Percussion of Ancient Mexico" 50% Off - One Week Deal

14th September 2023Big Fish Audio Weekly Specials - New Deals Up To 70% Off

14th September 2023rncbc.org updates Qtractor to v0.9.35 and the Vee One Suite to v0.9.32 for Linux

14th September 2023UVI 'Soul" series instruments 50% off for a limited time

14th September 2023Sound Magic releases Neo EQ Violet, Auto Pitch Tracking EQ, and Cadenza Ukulele, a limited-time free ukulele instrument

14th September 2023Xtreme Sounds releases presets for The Legend, Pigments & Montage into the KVR Marketplace

14th September 2023UVI updates Soul Bass to v1.5 - all 'Soul" series instruments now 50% off for a limited time

14th September 2023Luftrum releases Luftrum 28 for Phase Plant

14th September 2023MeldaProduction releases Drum Tornado 2023 - Free modern metal, rock and pop drums for MDrummer

14th September 2023Black Octopus Sound and Imaginate release Foley DnB

13th September 2023BABY Audio updates Transit to v1.1

13th September 2023BVKER releases "Foley Factory" - Free Lo-Fi Sample Pack

13th September 2023APU Software updates Loudness Compressor and Loudness Meter to v1.8.9

13th September 2023u-he releases major update to Filterscape bundle

13th September 2023HoRNet Plugins updates VHS to v1.3.2

13th September 2023Accentize release dxRevive Dialogue Restoration Plugin

13th September 2023ModeAudio releases 'Fluctuate - Serum Hip Hop Presets'

13th September 2023Accentize dxRevive and dxRevive Pro - up to 25% off

13th September 2023Soundiron releases Iron Pack 13 - Cyborg Bytes - Futuristically Fun Electro-Percussion for Kontakt

12th September 2023UnitedPlugins releases Verbum Entropic Hall v3.0

12th September 2023Toontrack releases Singer-Songwriter EKX expansion for EZkeys 2

12th September 2023Native Instruments releases new Kontrol S-Series MK3 MIDI controller keyboards

12th September 2023Blue Cat Audio releases Axiom V2 - "Redefining Guitar and Bass Amp Simulation"

12th September 2023Igor Vasiliev releases NoInputMixer - Feedback-based instrument for iOS and macOS

12th September 2023Spektralisk releases "Xan: Sci-fi Sound Effects" for Vital with into offer

12th September 2023VGTrumpet Autumn Sale - All Libraries 30% Off

12th September 2023App Sound releases "Harmosphere" for Cherry Audio Harmonia with intro price

11th September 2023Art Vista Autumn Sale - 50% Off

11th September 2023Zenhiser releases "Bedouin - Organic House & Techno" Sample Pack

11th September 2023BunkerNoise updates BitLoser to v1.1

11th September 2023Lese releases Frahm - Gestural Processor AU / VST3 / AAX

11th September 20232Rule updates 2RuleSynth to v3.2

11th September 2023New Loops releases Frequency Modulation - 32 Creative Presets for Arturia MiniFreak

11th September 2023NUGEN Audio updates ISL to v2.10.1.1 - includes 7.1.4 AAX support

10th September 2023Cognitone updates "Synfire" Music Prototyping Studio to v2.2.4

10th September 2023discoDSP updates Discovery Pro to v7.9

10th September 2023Basq Audio releases Grooverliner - Multi Track MIDI sequencer plugin/application for rhythm track making

10th September 2023ZenDAW All Sound Packs Bundle - Save $50 until October 10th, 2023

10th September 2023Mercuriall Audio "Back to School Sale" - 40% Off

10th September 2023apulSoft updates apQualizr2 to v2.6.0

8th September 2023Xhun Audio updates ModFlorus to v1.2.0

8th September 2023Xhun Audio Back To School Special Offer 2023

8th September 2023Vicious Antelope "12 Gods Bundle" - 600 presets for Omnisphere 2 for 24,99€

8th September 2023Vicious Antelope releases free "Helios Synth Pads" for DUNE 3

8th September 2023Martinic updates free Doctor Mix AI Synth - now with Pro Tools AAX Support

8th September 2023alex.nadzharov releases ddtctmcc - gesture recording MIDI app for iOS, macOS and Windows

8th September 2023W. A. Production "Cinematic Bundle 10 For 10" - 10 sample packs for $10

8th September 2023Sonora Cinematic releases Fieldworks Vol. 1 and updates Harmonic Bloom to v1.2

8th September 2023G-Sonique Autumn time-limited sales - up to 40% off

8th September 2023The Very Loud Indeed Co. Flash Sale - Up To 61% Off

7th September 2023Get iZotope RX Elements FREE, win a copy of Native Instruments Komplete 14 Ultimate CE

7th September 2023Plughugger releases "Journey to Magonia" for Spectrasonics Omnisphere

7th September 2023Plughugger offer: 72% off Journey to Magonia for Spectrasonics Omnisphere

7th September 2023D16 Group releases Drumazon 2 with Intro Offer

7th September 2023Acon Digital releases Remix – Real-time Stem Separation Plug-in

7th September 2023Peter Semiletov updates free Drumlabooh plugin to v0.0.4

7th September 2023Triple Spiral Audio 6th Anniversary Sale

7th September 2023Black Octopus Sound and Blackwarp release "Slap House Cheat Codes"

7th September 2023NUGEN Audio Loudness Toolkit $599 / save ⅓ on individual plug-ins

7th September 2023Native Instruments releases Music Production Suite 6 software bundle featuring Ozone 11, Nectar 4, and Guitar Rig 7 Pro

7th September 2023Nembrini Audio releases The Voltour 2 Channel All Valve Enhancer - with Intro Offer

7th September 2023UVI offers 60% off BeatBox Anthology 2 through September 11th, 2023

7th September 2023Davisynth releases Spiral Delay (Free VST3/AU)

6th September 2023Numerical Audio Back to School Sale - up to 80% off Instruments, Effects & Soundpacks

6th September 2023Orchestral Tools updates SINE Player to v1.2.0

6th September 2023Sketch Audio releases Blip Box and Phase Monkey for iOS AUv3

6th September 2023Rast Sound releases "Cinescapes PRO" - Generative Music Assistant Plugin (VST3, AU & AAX)

6th September 2023Wasted Audio September 2023 - Up To 50% Off

6th September 2023Wasted Audio releases DLAY (Free) and DL3Y, updates other plugins and offers up to 50% off

6th September 2023EastWest releases Hollywood Fantasy Voices

6th September 2023MusicDevelopments Autumn Sale: 40% off RapidComposer, Melodya, MIDI Mutator, Syne until September 16

5th September 2023VSL releases "Synchron Smart Orchestra" - Synchron Stage Orchestra on the keyboard

5th September 2023Pablo Lopez updates Grand Piano AUv3 to v2.0

5th September 2023APU Software updates Loudness Compressor and Loudness Meter to v1.8.8

5th September 2023Toontrack releases "Stories" SDX expansion by Frank Filipetti

5th September 2023Pulsesetter-Sounds Fall Sale - 25% Off Storewide

5th September 2023A.O.M. updates plugins to v1.17.1

5th September 2023Audio Brewers releases 'ab PitchShifter' - Spatial Pitch Shifter with independent dimensional plane control for immersive sound design

5th September 2023Sound Dust releases Dust Engine #1 for Kontakt with 50% intro discount

5th September 2023Mastering The Mix releases 'Fuser' Smart Unmasking Plug-in with Buy One Get One Free Intro Deal

5th September 2023Nomad Factory Summer Sale: Up to 85% off all plugins and bundles

5th September 2023SampleScience releases Aurora Ambient Chords plugin for Windows and macOS (VST/VST3/AU)

5th September 2023alex.nadzharov updates skippodisk - now supports CLAP format and Windows VST3

5th September 2023WAVDSP releases "Ruby Velvet" and "Ruby Velvet EQ" (VST3, AU & AAX)

5th September 2023SoundsDivine releases 'Altered States' for Korg Opsix

4th September 2023Zenhiser releases "Blossom" Sample Pack

4th September 2023Cool WAV releases free presets for Apricot and Fluctus freeware synthesizers

4th September 2023Cableguys release FilterShaper XL - Massively Modulatable Dual Filter with Intro Offer

4th September 2023Cableguys FilterShaper XL Intro Offer

4th September 2023Audiomodern Neon for Chordjam Intro Offer

4th September 2023MuTools updates MuLab App & Plugin to v9.2 - CLAP support

4th September 2023Audiomodern releases Neon Acid Jazz & Neo Soul Pack for Chordjam

4th September 2023Twiddle Coding updates Mindful Harmony - Cloud Sync & Premium Features Now Live

2nd September 2023Woodman's Immaculate Maple Syrup Studio releases WoodValvet Tube Saturator for macOS and iOS

1st September 2023sonicLAB releases Oceanic software bundle for macOS and Windows

1st September 2023MAAT Labs September Sale - 20% Off FiDef JENtwo

1st September 2023Wave Arts Deal: 40% off Panorama 7 until October 1st 2023

1st September 2023Cherry Audio Back-To-School Savings - DCO-106 $20

1st September 2023Orange Tree Samples releases "Evolution Classic Rick Bass" for Kontakt Player with Intro Offer

1st September 2023Full Bucket Music releases Ny for Windows and macOS (Free VST2/VST3/AU/CLAP Plugin)

1st September 2023Tone2 releases Gladiator v4.0

1st September 2023Vicious Antelope releases free "Rhythms" soundbank for Pigments and Analog Lab V

1st September 2023DirektDSP Fuzzboy free until September 7th 2023

1st September 2023Krotos September Sale: 50% Off Sound Design Plugins, Bundles, and SFX Libraries

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