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Audio Brewers releases 'ab PitchShifter' - Spatial Pitch Shifter with independent dimensional plane control for immersive sound design

Audio Brewers

Audio Brewers has released ab PitchShifter (and ab PitchPad), a Spatial Pitch Shifter that works independently per dimensional plane, allowing the user to create immersive sound design, immersive voice harmonies, immersive sound distortions (such as vibrato), or any other type of pitch-time bending application.

Users of ab PitchShifter can uniquely modify the pitch for the Front, Back, Left, Right, Top, Bottom, and Mid dimensional poles, each with their distinctive pitch-shifting algorithms. These adjustments can be made with or without time stretching. Additional features include volume control and pre-delay adjustments for each dimensional plane. Importantly, the plugins support mono, stereo, and all ambisonics orders, ranging from 1OA to 7OA*.

While ab PitchShifter offers orthodox control over every direction of a three-dimensional signal, ab PitchPad provides a more comprehensive and imaginative approach. Here, a Pad feature allows users to flexibly bend each side of their signal.

ab PitchShifter and ab PitchPad are compatible with mono, stereo, and ambisonics sources, from 1OA to 7OA*. They output both stereo and ambisonics signals that can subsequently be decoded to suit any speaker array, from binaural and surround to even Dolby Atmos arrays.

Intro Price: 59€ through 10 October, 2023 (Reg. 79€) at audiobrewers.com

A stereo-only iOS version of ab PitchShifter called ab PitchPad X (AUv3) has also been released for iPhones and iPads and is available at the App Store priced at 10,00€/$.

*Ambisonics order depends on the DAW support.



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