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News Archive for November 2005

30th November 2005AnaMark v2.20 released

30th November 2005BetabugsAudio releases GetaBlitch Jr.

30th November 2005Drumular public beta now available

30th November 2005Anticode v0.1.4 now available

30th November 2005Zynewave releases Podium v1.44

30th November 2005Galleoneer updates Multimodefilter Mk2 to v1.1

30th November 2005macProVideo.com releases Final Cut Tutorials & Tutorial DVDs

30th November 2005Kong Audio updates ChineeWinds to v1.63

29th November 2005Audacity v1.2.4 and v1.3 beta now available

29th November 2005Manytone releases ManyGuitar (incl. ManyMiniAmp)

29th November 2005Wave Arts Power Suite 4 updated to v4.1.3

29th November 2005Kick-Ass Brass! AU version now available

29th November 2005Voxengo releases Marquis Compressor v1.1

29th November 2005Way Out Ware releases TimewARP 2600 v1.15

28th November 2005VSL announces Symphonic Cube / Vienna Instruments (+35% discount)

28th November 2005Download Edition of Studio to Go! now available

28th November 2005AAS releases Textures String Studio Theme Pack

28th November 2005LUXONIX releases Purity v1.0

28th November 2005PG Music releases Band-in-a-Box 2006

28th November 2005Mutagene releases Macomate 88 v1.2

28th November 2005SynthEdit beta v1.006 now available

28th November 2005Iced Audio releases AudioFinder v3.9.2

28th November 2005IK updates SampleTank to v2.1.1

28th November 2005d16 group releases Phoscyon demo version

28th November 2005BTE Audio updates Juicy 77 (v0.6.1.4) and TS' Secret (v0.6.1.6)

28th November 2005HILOFI releases Multiband Ringmod I

28th November 2005Sonic Assault releases Sam!Solo v1.0

28th November 2005Teragon Audio releases BeatCounter v1.0

27th November 2005Sonicbytes releases ERA 2

27th November 2005Precisionsound releases Bolivian Panpipe (HAL/Kon/SF2)

27th November 2005SKYLIFE releases SampleRobot v1.5.3

27th November 2005Bram Bos updates Tunafish to v1.2

25th November 2005ProXL releases VstNotesXL

25th November 2005djDecks v0.70b released

25th November 2005ToTc Productions updates Minimal for VB-1 and TCS for CS-40

25th November 2005Rayzoon releases DrumPak #2 for Jamstix (+Holiday Offer)

25th November 2005Synthmaker v0.9.5d now available

25th November 2005WWAYM updates Dynamix to v1.6

24th November 2005Synthation releases Pro-53-Essentials

24th November 2005esoundz SampleThanks 50% off sale

24th November 2005FXpansion BFD v1.5.0.29 now available

24th November 2005Admiral Quality releases Naive LPF v0.5

23rd November 2005VSTunnel v1.4 beta now available (incl. AU version)

23rd November 2005Best Service releases two Peter Siedlaczek orchestral instruments

23rd November 2005Best Service releases Orient World & Chris Hein - Horns

23rd November 2005DarkWare releases Battery Acid

23rd November 2005Scarbee announces Imperial Drums XL release date (+Pre-order offer)

23rd November 2005Cakewalk releases SONAR v5.0.1 update

23rd November 2005Ueberschall releases Liquid Instrument Series Vol.3: Guitar

23rd November 2005LUG SFX Machine RT Group Buy

23rd November 2005Prodyon announces Spacehawk - Ambient Textures (incl. Pre-order)

23rd November 2005Garritan Jazz and Big Band Collection now shipping

23rd November 2005[CodeOperator] releases DelayPack v1.2 for Mac OS X

22nd November 2005M-Audio releases GForce Future Retro Pack

22nd November 2005Glitchtek updates Roku to v1.1

22nd November 2005SVAr software releases SVArTracker v1.0

22nd November 2005Native Instruments releases Bandstand

21st November 2005Progress Audio releases ShapeShifter v1.0

21st November 2005GoldWave v5.1.2 released

21st November 2005Mutagene releases Anticode v0.1.2

21st November 2005Slim Slow Slider releases Compact Distortion v1.0.2

21st November 2005NUSofting releases Modelonia v1.0

21st November 2005boxsounds releases s16 v1.0

21st November 2005reKon audio releases VST Pulse Editor

21st November 2005Big Tick Rhino available with 30% discount

21st November 2005InstaJungle updated to v0.3

21st November 2005EmptySquare updates Spinner to v1.0.4 & NuBi LE to v1.0.8

21st November 2005DashSignature/NUSofting release SWOOSH Machine & Pizza Synth demos

21st November 2005ArtsAcoustic Reverb v1.1 announced (incl. AU release)

21st November 2005Zen Soundcheck Audio releases Chrissy v1.0

21st November 2005Sonicism releases Vintage Vocoder 1.03 build 1

21st November 2005Maxx Claster releases Toxic v2.3

18th November 2005NI Kontakt 2 now available for Receptor

18th November 2005LiveLab.dk releases LiveSlice v1.2

18th November 2005Arturia releases Brass

18th November 2005Steinberg releases Nuendo v3.2.0.1128

18th November 2005Wave Arts releases MasterVerb 5 (v5.0.7)

18th November 2005NI releases B4 II demo version

18th November 2005Plug-In Constructor demo updated (allows Plug-in creation)

18th November 2005Audiosyn releases BBD Echo-80 v1.0.2

18th November 2005DarkWare releases PitchSlap

18th November 2005Starplugs releases SiX-2-2

18th November 2005Groove Monkee releases DFHS Metal Beats

18th November 2005Ueberschall releases Urban Jointz

18th November 2005Loopmasters release Polyester Loops and Cult Club Synths

18th November 2005BTE Audio updates TS' Secret to v0.6.1.5 & Juicy 77 to v0.5.1.2

17th November 2005SynthMaker v0.9.5c released

17th November 2005SynthEdit Beta v1.004 now available

16th November 2005EWQLSO Silver/Platinum, RA & Symphonic Choirs now on Receptor

16th November 2005Audio Ease releases Altiverb v4.3.1.

16th November 2005Guitar Rig 2 demo version now available

16th November 2005Sugar Bytes updates Artillery to v1.2 (+Price Reduced)

16th November 2005Zero-G announces Outer Limits

15th November 2005NI releases B4 II

15th November 2005energyXT v1.3.6 released

15th November 2005posihfopit v1.3 released (+Electri-Q (posihfopit edition) announced)

15th November 2005Fretted Synth Audio releases Helian FU22 v1.0

15th November 2005URS Everything EQ Bundle v4.0.1 released (Win) (incl. 64 bit processing)

15th November 2005Syntheway releases Master Hammond B3 v2.1

15th November 2005The Interruptor releases EchoLive v1.0

15th November 2005Scarbee Big Birthday Sale - 41% off Today Only

15th November 2005Subminimal releases Pseudograins v1.0.8

15th November 2005Voxengo updates LF-Punch to v1.3

15th November 2005ModernBeats releases Platinum Rhythmz 2 Hip Hop Loop Library

15th November 2005Sonic Assault releases Sinthecyza! 3.1 & Sinthecyza! 4.1

14th November 2005BTE Audio releases TS' Secret (v0.6.0.1) and Juicy 77 (v0.5.0.1)

14th November 2005AudioRealism announces Bass Line Pro

14th November 2005EmptySquare releases NuBi LE and Spinner

14th November 2005EW/QL releases EWQLSO Professional XP (Expansions)

14th November 2005Wusikstation v2.2 released

14th November 2005DarkWare releases OctoEcho

14th November 2005Princeton Digital releases Reverb 2016 Plate

14th November 2005H. G: Fortune releases STS-21 Pro (and free)

14th November 2005Iced Audio releases AudioFinder v3.9.1

14th November 2005Voxformer, GlissEQ, CurveEQ, HarmoniEQ & Transmodder updated

14th November 2005SonicBirth v1.1 released

14th November 2005Hilofi releases Multiband Bitcrusher I

14th November 2005Perimeter Sound Arts releases Downloadable Loop Packs

14th November 2005Les Productions Zvon releases Sidekick Electronic Percussion (WAV/SF2)

11th November 2005MAGIX releases Samplitude and Sequoia v8.2.1

11th November 2005appleLoops.com launches

10th November 2005Plug-In Constructor v1.0 released

10th November 2005Sonicism Vintage Vocoder v1.0.2 build 3 now free

10th November 2005Sound Studio v3.0.1 now available

10th November 2005Audio Ease releases Altiverb v4.3

9th November 2005iZotope launches 64-Bit Studio Processing Bundle

9th November 2005Retro Sampling releases RS Balance, RS Phase and RS Pan

9th November 2005SoundFonts.it updates ORGANized trio to v3.1

9th November 2005Hexter v1.2 released

9th November 2005TrackPlug, MultiDynamics & FinalPlug updated to v5.0.6

8th November 2005Polarity updates GXStack (+KVR Discount Offer)

8th November 2005True-Grue releases FB1

7th November 2005AudioFinder v3.9 now available

5th November 2005MOTU releases Digital Performer v4.6.1

5th November 2005Boris K. releases Intro demo version

5th November 2005Quad Zamp updated to v1.1

4th November 2005Audio Ease releases Next Door IRs

4th November 2005Rayzoon Technologies releases BrushPak for Jamstix

4th November 2005alphakanal updates Automat to v0.3.7

4th November 2005GoldWave v5.11 now available

4th November 2005LiveLab.dk releases LiveSlice v1.1

4th November 2005Sion Software releases QuickAudio v1.0

4th November 2005Audio Damage releases 907A Fixed Filter Bank

3rd November 2005Krakli releases Richman v2.0

3rd November 2005MHC releases Ambient Keys v1.0

3rd November 2005ProXL releases ProbaGate v1.0

3rd November 2005NuGen Audio releases Stereoplacer LT

3rd November 2005Galleoneer releases Multimodefilter Mk2 v1.0

3rd November 2005LUXONIX updates Ravity to v1.4.3

2nd November 2005IK Multimedia ALL-Grades Promotion

2nd November 2005Muse Research releases Receptor software v1.4 BETA

2nd November 2005antti @ Smart Electronix releases Taurus beta 3

1st November 2005Steinberg announces Hypersonic 2

1st November 2005Odo releases Purple v1.1

1st November 2005ProSounds launch PS-1 Group Buy

1st November 2005Rayzoon Technologies releases Jamstix v1.4

1st November 2005Apple updates Final Cut Pro to v5.0.3

1st November 2005Steinberg updates Cubase System|4

1st November 2005GTG Synths releases MicroOrgan MKII