A.O.M. has updated all their plugins to version 1.9.2.

New Features and Enhancements:

  • [Sakura Dither] Support 64f detection.
  • [All plugins] Show license end date in status bar.
  • [All plugins] Support GUI dimming while bypass.
  • [Invisible Limiter G2] Interpret non-negative value as negative value in CEILING parameter.
  • [Invisible Limiter] Interpret non-negative value as negative value in LIMIT LEVEL parameter.
  • [Wave Shredder] Interpret non-negative value as negative value in GATE and CHOP parameters.
  • [All plugins] Show more system information in about dialog.
  • [All plugins] Include diagnostic log lines into system stats.
  • [All plugins] Add a new feature which enables license installation from plugin GUI.
  • [Invisible Limiter G2] Improve performance by around 7%.
  • [tranQuilizr] Improve draw performance of equalization curve.

Bug Fixes:

  • [Invisible Limiter G2] Bug-fix: BIAS button did not work against expectations.
  • [All plugins] Fix value display error of percentage-style parameters. Sometimes 1-smaller value was displayed mistakenly (foe example, "89%" was displayed when actual value was 90%.).


  • [tranQuilizr] Change gain knob's wheel sensitivity to 1dB / 0.1dB.
  • [tranQuilizr] Change targeted channel processing behavior; in solo mode, tranQuilizr will mute untargeted channels. For example, R channel is muted where L channel is selected. This behavior is enabled only under stereo I/O configuration.
  • [VST3 plugins] Add workaround code for the issue that FL Studio fails to setup dynamic channel configuration.


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