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Ableton releases Live v4.1.2


Ableton has updated Live to v4.1.2.


  • [OSX] Bugfix: ReWire shared library - Previous version of Live 4.1.x had a corrupt ReWire library.
  • Bugfix: Prelisten of short warped clips - Live could crash when prelistening short warped clips with a length < 1/4 beat.
  • Bugfix: MIDI Scale device - The matrix of the MIDI scale device was not updated right for Redo actions.
  • Bugfix: Creating warp marker - Live would crash when creating a warp marker before the reaming warp maker after created after a "delete all warp marker" action.
  • [Windows] Bugfix: Quit Live with opened Proteus X VST window.
  • Bugfix: Device chains with Reverb effect - Under certain circumstances some parameters of an effect placed directly behind the Reverb effect did not work properly.
  • Bugfix: Inconsistent number of return tracks - Live would crash when loading a document where some or all tracks have a different number of return knobs than the number of return tracks in the document.
  • Bugfix: MIDI for some VST plug-ins - The MIDI input of some VST plug-ins didn't receive MIDI data at all, even the input was correctly displayed as routing target.
  • [Windows] Bugfix: Drag'n drop for VST plug-ins - Drag and drop from the windows file explorer to the view of VST plug-ins (like Proteus X) would not work.
  • Bugfix: Zooming in very far in the arranger - Depending on the file size and the contained audio material Live would crash in some situations when zooming in very far in the arranger.
  • [OSX] Bugfix: Switch audio input device - Live would crash under some certain conditions if the input device was switch between two different audio input devices.
  • Improvement: Restored documents - Now a document restored from file history is marked as dirty. So when quitting the application or opening another document a message box appears asking for saving the document.
  • Improvement: Select track by MIDI/Key remote - When the track/clip view is hidden, selecting a track using MIDI/Key.
  • [OSX] Improvement: Mono input devices on OS X - Made a workaround for audio input devices providing only one mono channel. Now this mono channel appears as the left channel of a faked stereo input pair in the "input config" channel configuration. This will allow to use mono only audio inputs devices like GuitarPlug and others.


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