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Apple updates MainStage to v3.4.1


Apple recently updated MainStage to v3.4.1, featuring stability improvements and bug fixes.


  • MainStage no longer quits unexpectedly sometimes when changing audio devices while in playback mode.
  • MainStage no longer shows an error "The file format is not correct" in certain rare cases when opening a concert.
  • MainStage no longer sometimes hangs when loading a concert that contains a renamed plug-in preset.
  • MainStage no longer quits unexpectedly in rare cases when loading a concert that was saved with the Assignments & Mappings tab selected.
  • MainStage no longer sometimes becomes unresponsive when editing Articulation Sets.
  • MainStage no longer quits unexpectedly when exiting the app after pasting an Alias.


  • Playback no longer appears to use unexpectedly large amounts of memory.
  • Selecting presets in Chromaverb no longer sometimes causes Audio Engine overload messages.
  • Macs with an integrated graphics processor no longer experience unexpected spikes in CPU performance.


  • Aliases of channel strips from multitimbral instruments now correctly maintains their channel settings when a concert is close said then re-opened.
  • Bypassing a channel strip with Studio Strings or Studio Horns no longer sometimes leads to hanging notes.
  • The Multitimbral Settings window now consistently displays the currently assigned MIDI channel for the selected instrument.
  • Changing the stereo spread on an unselected channel strip no longer also changes the stereo spread on a selected channel strip.


  • Playback again displays the audio waveform correctly when an MP3 file is loaded.

Smart Controls:

  • Smart Controls now reflect the current play state of Ultrabeat.

Sound Library:

  • There are no longer sometimes unexpected "Not enough free space to install selected instruments and sounds" errors when downloading additional content to a Sound Library that has been relocated.


  • Autosampler no longer sometimes gets stuck after sampling the first note in a new instrument.
  • Autosampler is no longer unexpectedly hidden after creating an instrument, closing and reopening Autosampler, and then overwriting the instrument.

Control Surfaces/MIDI Controllers:

  • Control names and values on Nektar Panorama control surfaces now update as soon as a concert is loaded.


  • The Jump to Previous Marker command now works when Snap is set to values other than OFF.
  • MIDI plug-ins now correctly show their bypass state when bypass is triggered by a screen control button.
  • The Metronome in concerts created in MainStage 3.3.2 no longer unexpectedly plays clicks on the divisions.
  • Chord display again works as expected.
  • MainStage project icons now display correctly on iMac Pro computers.
  • The "On Patch Change" option "Reset to saved value" now reliably works as expected.
  • Ultrabeat's play state has now consistently reflected in the Smart Controls.
  • The Assigned Mapping inspector now immediately updates to show pedals added or removed from the Pedalboard plug-in.
  • Disabling cycle during play now works for grouped instances of Playback.


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