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Apple updates Logic Pro, MainStage and GarageBand


Apple has updated Logic Pro to v10.4.3, MainStage to v3.4.2 and GarageBand (for Mac) to v10.3.2.

Logic Pro v10.4.3

New Features/Enhancements:

  • There are now preferences to filter MIDI data on a port-by-port basis.


  • Logic Pro no longer quits unexpectedly
    • Sometimes when Exporting All Tracks as Audio.
    • Sometimes when adjusting the left edge of a region.
    • When more than one image is dragged to the project notes area.
    • Sometimes when adding text objects to the bottom of a page in the Score.
    • Sometimes while recording when the Piano Roll scrolls to a set of selected events after clicking in the header of a track that is not the recording track.
    • After using "Select Unused" in the Project Audio window and then pressing delete in projects that use instances of Melodyne ARA.
    • After cutting a MIDI take folder and then immediately starting a recording.
    • Sometimes when clicking the Display Level button in the Automation Event Edit list.
    • When a channel strip is deleted with the Undo History window open.
    • When the "Unpack to New Track Alternatives" command is performed on grouped tracks.
  • Logic Pro no longer hangs
    • Sometimes when editing Articulation Sets.
    • Sometimes after performing the "Copy MIDI Events" key command.
  • Logic Pro no longer shows an "Illegal Regions" error when opening certain projects.
  • Performing undo after adjusting the length of a looped region no longer rarely causes the region to be deleted.


  • Logic Pro no longer seems to hang sometimes when opening a List or Browser when the Smart Controls are open.
  • CPU performance is improved when running Logic Pro on high density displays.

Smart Tempo:

  • Tempo information is now properly written to audio files in a multitrack set that do not have the "Contribute to Analysis" option selected.
  • Clicking on a button in a Smart Tempo Multitrack Set after deleting a recording in the Tracks area no longer causes the other files in the Multitrack Set to be deleted.
  • Changing the length of a Drummer region in Adapt Mode no longer sometimes leads to unexpected tempo changes.
  • Region Flex & Follow settings are now properly preserved after editing contributors to Smart Tempo analysts of a multitrack set.
  • Performing Undo immediately after an audio recording in KEEP mode now works the first time.
  • Tempo events from imported audio files are now placed correctly on downbeats when Flex & Follow is set to On in Keep Mode.
  • A progress bar for Normalize no longer sometimes appears after a multitrack recording.

ARA Support:

  • It is no longer necessary to hit play after loading a project that uses instances of ARA plug-ins to insure the data and edits are saved.
  • The Auto Save feature now recovers unsaved ARA edits.


  • Controller information and note data for Articulations are now sent each time playback is started.
  • Articulation Key Switches again work reliably when notes are selected in an editor.
  • Controllers used as articulation switches no longer sometimes unexpectedly reset to 0.

Sound Library:

  • Impulse Response files for Chinese and Japanese traditional instruments are now correctly found when a GarageBand for iOS project is opened in Logic Pro.
  • Logic Pro no longer sometimes shows a "not enough disk space" error when relocating the Sound Library content to an external drive that has adequate free space.


  • The Flex view now updates correctly when changing from Flex Pitch to a Flex Time mode.
  • Trimming the left edge of a flexed region no longer sometimes disables flex in certain rare cases.
  • It is now possible to trim the right borders of multiple selected flexed regions.
  • Dragged flex-pitched notes in the Audio Track Editor now sound while being adjusted.


  • Adjusting the setting of knobs via text entry now reliably results in accurate values.


  • EXS instruments created by loading 32-bit float audio files from the Edit > Zone > Load Multiple Samples menu item now sound correctly.
  • Changing a plug-in or instrument no longer sometimes affects instances of the same plug-in or instrument in a different open project.
  • Plug-ins that are in a Compare state are saved with the correct settings when performing Save As.


  • Adjusting region-based automation in an editor window no longer unexpectedly affects the display of Track-based Automation in the Tracks area.

Track Stacks:

  • Regions at the bottom of a Summing Stack no longer sometimes disappear after they have been moved to higher tracks in the stack.


  • Removing characters from Global Text objects no longer causes unexpected repeated characters.
  • Chord grids with custom tunings now consistently display as expected.


  • Knobs on Classic MIDI channel strips again send MIDI CC data while being adjusted.
  • Option-clicking a send on a selected channel strip again resets all sends on the channel strip to 0db.
  • Sends to outputs other than Output 1-2 are no longer unexpectedly delayed when Low Latency Mode is enabled.

Key Commands:

  • The Goto Position key command is again executed after pressing Return once.

Control Surfaces/MIDI Controllers:

  • Changing the order of devices in the Control Surface Setup window now continues to work after the initial setup.


  • Fader objects in the Environment again show numerical values as black text on a white background when the object is deflected and Cable view is on.
  • The Piano Roll no longer scrolls to the bottom of the window when receiving non-note data during recording.
  • The view in the Piano Roll now reliably remains focused on the currently playing notes while recording using the Repeat Note button on the Touch Bar.
  • Copying notes in the Piano Roll that extend past the current end of the region again automatically lengthen the region to accommodate them.
  • Selecting quantize values by right-clicking a note with the Quantize Tool in the Piano Roll again works as expected.


  • Swing Quantize now works correctly for regions whose left borders do not fall precisely on grid positions.
  • Using the Solo tool in the Tracks area no longer sometimes causes hanging notes.
  • Editing text in the Notepad no longer always causes the view to jump to the end of the text.
  • Solo Lock is now properly maintained when copying or moving regions that aren't soloed.
  • Pressing Enter after renaming a track in the Track Inspector now confirms the new text as expected.
  • Regions on Summing Stacks now visibly move when dragged.
  • Track stacks no longer appear to be muted after solo is engaged and then disengaged.
  • It is again possible to adjust the Delay setting in the Track Inspector for a channel of a multi-output software instrument.
  • "Cancel" now works as expected in the dialog that comes up when performing the "Cut section between locators" command.
  • Inserting a tempo event into the Tempo List no longer cause Automation View to unexpectedly toggle.
  • The Optimize Files menu item in the Project Audio browser in the Main Window media area is now dimmed as expected when only regions are selected in the browser.
  • Logic no longer hangs sometimes when opening the Musical Typing Keyboard window.

MainStage v3.4.2


  • MainStage no longer quits unexpectedly:
    • When an External Instrument slot name is shown and there are no inputs assigned.
    • Sometimes when quitting after using the Jump to Next Marker mapping several times.
    • When a new channel strip is set as default, and the Load Default option is enabled in the New Track sheet.


  • Faders now reliably remain active immediately after patch changes.


  • Inputs for busses are now reliably maintained when loading saved patches.


  • The Playback plug-in no longer sometimes cuts off the first quarter-second of an audio file.


  • Duplicate note off events are no longer sometimes sent from channel strips that have the No Transpose switch enabled.
  • A sustain pedal off message is now sent to external MIDI instruments when the sustain pedal is released after changing patches.
  • The Layer Bypass parameter state again returns to its saved state when selecting a different patch.

GarageBand v10.3.2


  • GarageBand no longer hangs when opening the Sound Library, the Note Pad, the Loop Browser, or the Media Browser when the Smart Controls are open.

Sound Library:

  • When opening GarageBand on a Mac in which the sound library has been moved using Logic Pro X or MainStage, and the external drive containing the library is not connected, GarageBand now shows a dialog indicating the drive must be connected to access to sounds.
  • It is now possible to reinstall the Sound Library in GarageBand after moving the library in Logic Pro X or MainStage, and then disconnecting the external drive that contains the library.
  • Impulse Response files for Chinese and Japanese traditional instruments are now correctly found when a GarageBand for iOS project is opened on macOS.

Learn to Play:

  • The Tuning Hint window now opens in Learn to Play lessons that feature non-standard tunings.
  • Chords now display in the correct positions in the Chord Trainer.
  • The Chord Trainer again provides visual feedback when correct and incorrect chords are played.


  • GarageBand now supports drag and drop from Voice Memos.
  • The Smart Controls Inspector now displays correctly in newly created projects.
  • The LCD display now immediately updates to reflect undo or redo of key signature change.
  • The GarageBand window now remains visible after exiting full screen mode.
  • It is now possible to position the end of song marker with greater precision.


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