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zenAud.io updates ALK to v1.0.43 incorporating macOS 10.10 and pre-2012 compatibility


zenAud.io has announced the release of a significant upgrade of ALK, a looper/sequencer/DAW music performance software application for Mac (version 1.0.43).

The new version features significant bug-fixes, focusing on solving stability and user interface issues and finally incorporating compatibility with macOS 10.10 (Yosemite) or greater versions.

Bug-fixes and updates:

  • Stuttering and high CPU use in more complex projects. (Note: while this release makes pretty big improvements in this area, there may still be problems for some users.).
  • Crashes and visual errors when manipulating automation curves.
  • "Unassigned" incorrectly displayed for VSTis when opening a file instead of the correct plugin name.
  • When changing audio interface, ALK no longer forgets your inputs/outputs. This means that when you plug the audio interface, your project will "just work".
  • Auto-renaming now only renames once. This removes an instability where changing audio interfaces caused automation to be lost.
  • Crash when manipulating curve points on automation curves.
  • On machines plugged to mouses, drag and drop is duplicated rather than moving.
  • CPU spiked in silent regions.
  • Performance improvements for the channel strip.
  • Crashes when opening files.

Future upgrades:

  • zenAud.io want to target macOS 10.8. This should allow a much larger set of users to run ALK.

As always, zenAud.io ALK auto-updates, so just start the app and it will update by itself. If you had problems starting ALK, download the latest version from your account page, and reinstall to get version 1.0.43.



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