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Ardour v2.4.1 released


Version 2.4.1 of Ardour is now available. This update primarily fixes two significant bugs in 2.4 (no undo after region dragging being the most important). It also has a couple of new features and several other nice fixes and improvements, particularly for users of AudioUnit plugins on Mac OS X.

You can get the source tarball or head over to the ardour-osx IRC channel to get information about native OS X releases.


  • New "Insert Time" operation (see the Track menu).
  • Fix problems with port insert I/O configuration.
  • Clocks used for duration start at 0|0|0 in BBT mode, not 1|1|0.
  • Audio file suffix detection is now case-insensitive.
  • Fix missing undo/redo for region drags.
  • Fix problems with dragging in Locked Edit mode.
  • Rename menu items for monitoring options, and make the one based on JACK insensitive if there are no JACK ports capable of being monitored in that way.
  • Make plugin latency compensation work for AUs.
  • Fix incorrect muting of regions when auditioning a crossfade.
  • Add a declicking fade at start and end of any audition.
  • Fixes for window sizes of AU plugin GUIs.
  • Fix "hidden AU GUI shows up when app becomes active/focus again" bug.
  • New LevelMeter class used for all meters.


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