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Audio Brewers releases Axé - 81-Instruments Percussion Library

Audio Brewers

Audio Brewers has released Axé (Ash-eh), a Percussion Library with a total of 81 instruments divided in 5 categories, recorded, mixed and delivered both in Stereo and in Ambisonics.

Axé contains a total of 81 Percussion Instruments divided in 5 categories:

  • 17 Low Surdos: A large bass drum with a very deep sound and beefy tails.
  • 17 High Surdos: A smaller version of the Low Surdo, usually a 4th-5th from the Low Surdo, and together, they beat the base rhythm of a Samba Reggae band.
  • 17 Dobras: Slightly smaller than the High Surdo and with beaters less 'spongy', the Dobra produces louder transients and shorter tails.
  • 15 Caixas: The Caixa is the most familiar instrument to non-Brazilian audiences: A Snare.
  • 15 Repiques: The Repique (Also known as Repinique) is a small drum that is usually hit with a Nylon stick. Repiniques have a characteristic Transient and when played in ensemble, create a massive and aggresive sound.

Additional to the sampled percussion, Audio Brewers designed 10 Percussion Kits and 15 Tonal Articulations to complement Axé's original source content.

The Mix Perspectives

Axé includes 12 Mix Perspectives for all kinds of composers, 4 Ambisonics perspectives (Front, 180-degree, 360-degrees, 360-degrees with presence) aimed at composers who work with immersive formats, 4 Stereo Mixes (Balanced, Close, Mid, Far) and 4 Spot Mixes for a more localised type of sound.

Introducing their Smart Sequencer

Audio Brewers introduces their Smart Sequencer, aimed to help composers create rhythmic patterns on-the-fly. An algorithm was developed to create random patterns, always rhythmically-coherent.

The Sequencers supports up to 16 tracks, has the ability to save the patterns to MIDI files and allows the user to Drag and Drop the patterns directly into the DAW.

Intro Price: €129 until December 20th, 2021 (Reg. 199€).

Axé runs in the full version of Kontakt 6.2.1+.



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