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Audio Brewers releases "ab Stutter" - introduces the "Impressionism in Immersive Audio" concept

Audio Brewers

Audio Brewers has announced the release of ab Stutter, a new plugin that introduces a concept called 'Impressionism in Immersive Audio' in which they use the dimensional planes of immersive audio to create singular psycho-acoustic effects either in Stereo, Dolby Atmos, or any immersive format thanks to the nature of processing being in Ambisonics.

Here's what they say:

ab Stutter works just like another stutter, with a rate that can be synced to the DAW or be tempo-based, stutter slices can be reversed, looped, and even have knee to avoid pops and clicks.

But that's just the beginning of a complex engine: ab Stutter was designed with spatial audio and the psychoacoustic effects that come with it for those who work in stereo.

Each dimensional plane can be decoupled and controlled independently: The Omnidirectional, the Width, the Height and the Depth plane can be adjusted to have a stutter effect independent from each other. This introduces an singular concept to how spatial audio can be used aside from simply 'locating' a sound in the spatial field.

Having independently controlled stutters, will create phase differences that translate in unique ways to feel Spatial Audio: The user will feel the sound jumping above them, behind them, by their sides, in sync, out of sync, etc.

When working in Dolby Atmos and other immersive or surround formats, this sonic experience will fill the listening area uniquely, as the listener will hear slices happening all around them while their original sound keeps focused.

When working in Stereo, all these slices are mixed-down and their phase coherence and differences create a singular pseudo-binaural psychoacoustic experience.

Resulting stutters can also be three-dimensionally manipulated in real time to add yet another level of complexity to your output sounds.

ab Stutter, is designed to work with Mono, Stereo and 1st/2nd/3rd Order Ambisonics Signals. Meaning that whether a person works with Mono, Stereo or Ambisonics sound sources, they will be able to natively process their sound and get a Stereo or Ambisonics Output, which can later be decoded to any speaker array possible, from binaural all the way to Surround, Atmos, custom speaker arrays.

With ab Stutter a user can:

  • Work completely in Stereo whilst taking advantage of the psycho-acoustic characteristics sound takes when it's being manipulated three-dimensionally.
  • Blow-up a Mono/Stereo sound source to Ambisonics, and subsequently to any Surround, Atmos or Immersive format out there.
  • Work natively with any 1st, 2nd or 3rd Order Ambisonics signal.
  • Create a stutter effect and Mixdown any 1st, 2nd or 3rd Order Ambisonics signals down to Stereo.


  • Compatible with Windows and MacOS (from El Capitan Intel to native M1).
  • Inputs with Mono, Stereo, and Ambisonics (1OA, 2OA, 3OA) signals.
  • Outputs Stereo, Ambisonics signals (1OA, 2OA, 3OA).
  • Plugin Formats: AAX, VST3, AU.

Intro Price: 49,00 Euro through 15 November, 2022 (Reg. 59,00 Euro).



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