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AZ Audio updates SuperMidiScripter to v0.914

Az Audio

AZ Audio has updated SuperMidiScripter to v0.914. The latest plug-in changes, new features and fixes are the same as those already applied to the standalone version from the 25th of May to the 19th of June:

  • LNG: runtime optimized (aka the 'script execution kernel').
  • LNG: labels/Goto, position in blocks no more limited.
  • LNG: flow control functions: Break, Exit.
  • LNG: Fixed bug when accessing the first memory entry (Flags-based-scripts were affected).
  • PLG: fixed bug when using a LOGVAR() or when logging execution time and changing the view.
  • PLG: fixed various leaks.
  • LNG: Assertequ(), AssertNotEqu().
  • LNG: new call type 'ctUpdate'.
  • LNG: new plug-in system. A plug-in type and a function to call them have been added. The distribution (Standalone version) includes three source examples in Delphi and Cpp. Three plug-ins are included:
    1. 'MemDump.dll' (monitor a range of the LEOFUNS memory).
    2. 'Leo_GameOfLife.dll' (an implementation of the Conway's game of life).
    3. 'Leo_DrawXY' (warp the most common system canvas methods).
  • LNG: the SETPTADDR() function was always setting the address of the first pointer and not the one set as destination argument.
  • PLG: the application and the plug-in are now distributed with an installer because the scripts and 'bintables' folders have been changed. The plug-in version shares the same scripts and tables as the application. The software now requires at least Windows XP as OS.


  • LNG = related to the LEOFUNS scripting engine.
  • APP/PLG = related to the application or the plugin version of supermidiscripter.
  • EXT = related to a LEOFUNS plug-in.


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