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Backbeat Books releases Drum Programming Handbook - New guide to create rhythm on a DAW

Backbeat Books

Backbeat Books has released the Drum Programming Handbook. The Drum Programming Handbook is a step-by-step course in how to create rhythm on any of the popular DAW systems.

This book is a complete course in the art of drum programming and the concepts and technologies behind it. It takes the reader from the earliest steps in using a digital audio workstation, through the development of an individual sound signature, and on to the achievement of professional results.

The Drum Programming Handbook explores the history of rhythm programming, digital audio workstations and how to use them, one-shot MIDI programming, samplers, romplers, advanced timing for swing and beat-mapping, loops and audio, creating drum sounds by subtractive synthesis, and production and FX. It culminates with detailed guidance on the creation of drum tracks for specific musical styles, ranging from pop and rock to jazz, reggae, drum 'n' bass, and glitch.

The course unfolds through extensive use of workstation screenshots and audio examples. Along the way, helpful tips and practical exercises keep students motivated and engaged.

The Drum Programming Handbook is:

  • Designed to accommodate users of any DAW system.
  • Packed with information on using samplers and romplers, beat-mapping and groove, loops, drum-sound synthesis, and production.
  • Indispensable for beat programmers across a range of musical genres.
  • Accompanied by more than 250 downloadable audio files.

The author, Justin Paterson, is a drummer, record producer, and teacher of drumming and music technology. He worked as a session drummer for many years before turning to programming, sound design, and production. He has been a resident drum tutor at the Richmond Music Trust in London for 20 years. He currently leads the MA course in Advanced Music Technology at the London College of Music. He is an active researcher and has also been involved in music software development.

Price: $39.99.



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