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Best Service releases "Ancient ERA Persia" by Eduardo Tarilonte

Best Service

Best Service has announced the release of Ancient ERA Persia – The Sound of Fairy Tales in Ancient Orient, a collection of sounds from forgotten places of the middle east, by Eduardo Tarilonte, presented as 28 fully playable instruments, deep sampled, with true legato and glissandi, different dynamics and lots of articulations.

For Ancient ERA Persia, Eduardo captured the sounds of the birthplace of magic and mystic of some of the oldest civilizations enabling the user to experience arcane sounds such as heard in Arabian Nights, the soundtrack of desert sand trickling away in time, and music that makes the Prince of Persia dance.

Ancient ERA Persia was created over a period of two years and comes as an extensive library with popular and less known instruments from the Middle East inspiring your fantasy by its touching sounds.

For Ancient ERA Persia, Eduardo Tarilonte has recorded 28 percussion-, wind- and stringed-instruments in highest quality and finest detail. In addition, you will find authentically performed phrases as well as inspiring sound atmospheres. The instruments offer all articulations being used in the phrases. Several microtunings allow the use of every desired tuning for the instruments.

Just for the percussions, there are 1,000 loops in different tempos and rhythms beside the playable instruments.

Ancient ERA Persia brings the sounds and musical atmosphere of the Middle East, as it sounded in former times, into the modern DAW-supported production environment. The carefully programmed user-interface of the Engine player allows easy and fast working.

In detail, Ancient ERA Persia contains:


  • Bendhir.
  • Daf.
  • Darbuka.
  • Davul.
  • Dayre.
  • Riq.
  • Riq plastic.
  • Tombak.


  • Turkish Mey High.
  • Turkish Mey Low (combined in a single instrument).
  • Turkish Clarinet.
  • Kaval.
  • Turkish Ney.
  • Persian Ney.
  • Zourna.
  • Duduk.

Strings bowed:

  • Turkish Violin.
  • Lyra 1.
  • Lyra 2.

Strings plucked:

  • Kopuz.
  • Dutar.
  • Santur.
  • Oud.
  • Baglama Big.
  • Baglama Small.
  • Tambur.
  • Rabab.
  • Tar.

The instruments of this 17GB library consist of extensive multisamples (24-bit, 44.1kHz) with several dynamic layers, multiple articulations, round-robins as well as real legato- and glissando-samples.

Ancient ERA Persia was recorded at Eldana Studios in Dueñas, Spain by Jorge Calderón and Eduardo Tarilonte. All instruments have been played by virtuosos of the subject including Efrén López, Michalis Kouloumis, Stellios Petrakis, Jerome Salomon and Iván Karlón.

For the recording of the instruments, selected Kahayan U47- and Neumann U87-microphones were used with API-preamplifiers and Kahayan Epsilon summing amplifiers. The instruments were captured intentionally close without significant room ambience, giving the user full control of the sound-design and effect selection. Therefore, the sounds of Ancient ERA Persia may easily be combined with Eduardo Tarilonte's other libraries.

Ancient ERA Persia is available now as an instant download or boxed with a USB data stick:



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