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Best Service & Sonuscore release "The Score" for Kontakt Player


Best Service has announced the release of The Score by Sonuscore. Here's what they say:

Creating professional film music can be quite challenging as well as demanding both musical creativity and a substantial level of technical expertise. Thanks to our revolutionary all-in-one scoring tool, you can compose with unparalleled creativity and freedom, unhindered by any constraints.

Leave behind all the technical complexities and dive into music creation right away.

The Score gives you everything you need to compose for any genre, right out of the box. It's a perfectly coordinated toolbox to infuse the popular sounds-like-film-music feeling into your projects. Compose professional scores quickly and joyfully in a jam-like composition process. Or compose your music note-for-note using our huge collection of 160 single instruments.

The Score comes with 120 complex Stories for a quick entry into every genre. Stories are animated arrangements, each featuring diverse musical variations and a vast dynamic range. All Stories are completely customizeable - they are the foundation of your creative progress:

  • A Story is a carefully arranged color selection to quickly get you into any mood and genre.
  • With keyswitches, you can switch between any of several musical variations within each story.
  • Use the modwheel to take control of the arrangement and dynamics of every story.

The key to many good scores is the combination of accompaniment and melody. The Score comes with two separate instruments, each focusing on one key aspect, to ensure the most efficient workflow:

  • The Ensemble Instrument allows you to create inspiring music arrangements in minutes. Customize instruments, modify the sound, and perform your composition in your own style.
  • The Lead Instrument is the perfect companion to the Ensemble. Compose beautiful melodies and let the Lead enchant you with up to two melody instruments.

New Tools

Users can expand their tonal horizon with Chord Studio and get inspired by the chord progressions that come with each story and make them their own. They can create unheard melodies with one click using Melody Studio based on a unique Markov chain-based algorithm.

Key Features:

  • All-in-one set of scoring tools.
  • A customizer controlling 10 layers of melodies and harmonies.
  • Mod Wheel fully optimized to maximize the energy and tension.
  • An entire orchestral selection with 160 instruments.
  • 120+ animated Story presets with four different arrangements and endless possibilities.
  • 4 tools: Chord Studio, Melody Studio, Dynamic Mixer, Adaptive Customizer.
  • Lead instrument to design virtuosos and melody.
  • 19.5 GB of uncompressed data.

The Score is available for $399 from Best Service and all authorized resellers. Registered users of The Orchestra Complete (1, 2, or 3) are eligible for a time-limited Loyalty Crossgrade priced at $299. The crossgrade is only available in the first four weeks after release.






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