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Bitwig Studio updated to v1.3.9


Bitwig Studio has been updated to v1.3.9.


  • When editing arranger clip automation, lots of track automation events at clip end are created.
  • Regression in 1.3.8: note end might be painted one pixel off.
  • Notes which start at the exact time when the clip ends would sometimes play even though they shouldn't.
  • Clips that contain lots of notes are very slow to select when selecting clips on the arranger.
  • Note painting is incorrect for a note that starts in one clip and continues in the next.
  • TextEditor does not calculate properly the cursor position when the string starts with whitespaces.
  • Controller API: createCursorDevice returns null when being called without argument.
  • Regression: Possible to get feedback loops in some rare cases due to recent PDC changes in 1.3.8.
  • Can't undo assignment of a preset to a VST plugin when assigning preset within Bitwig Studio (e.g from browser).
  • Open containing folder for a VST plugin on Mac results in error.
  • Engine crashes when switching to another project before the plugins in the current project have finished loading.
  • Dragging boolean clip automation onto numerical automation crashes app.


  • Default quantization setting should be 16th instead of adaptive editor grid.
  • Improve library indexing times for subsequent launches of the application.
  • Search for ffprobe/ffmepg or avprobe/avconf on Linux.


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