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Bitwig Studio updated to v2.1.1

Bitwig Studio has been updated to v2.1.1.


  • Control Surface API: add a way to determine if 2 ObjectProxies refer to the same object.
  • Don't allow JavaScript controllers access to the standard Java API via Nashorn's Java support.
  • Support native windows resizing for VST3 plug-ins on windows.
  • Transpose notes octave up from "Clip" menu cannot be undone.
  • Muting a clip and then undoing the mute shows the clip as unmuted but the engine does not play it.


  • VST3 device state can't be loaded for all waves plugins.
  • Mouse cursor does not scale on Linux when changing the display scaling in preferences.
  • Plugin presets not shown after loading project.
  • Auto-suspend of some plugins is causing audio glitches.
  • CursorDevice created for a track in a track bank does not work.
  • Note Harmonizer reacted to slow if the harmony side-chain switched at the same time as the incoming notes.
  • When selecting clips on the arranger and dragging over the track header area clips start becoming unselected.
  • Drag and Drop not working on Linux if absolute mouse mode is enabled in the preferences.
  • Automation events may jump to different time or value when moving events via arrow keys.
  • Crash when stepping through pad scale layouts on Maschine Jam controller.
  • Engine crash on bounce.
  • Crash sometimes when deleting a drum chain with a controller connected to the drum machine.
  • VST3: Notes sent to HALion 6 didn't play correctly.
  • Crash when loading certain projects that contain group tracks.
  • Engine crashing when connecting to document containing deactivated HW Devices.
  • VST plugin folders with umlaut characters cause a scan fail for the containing plugins on Windows.
  • Arranger waveforms do not visually reflect clip fade-out on raw audio material.
  • PDC graph error in 2.1.
  • Dragging clip from arranger that has start marker not at time 0 to clip launcher results in incorrect automation being played back.
  • Regression: Korg M1 Le plugin can no longer be scanned on either Mac or Windows.
  • When dragging first onset to create beat marker in second audio event after splitting the event, the marker gets created in the first audio event instead.
  • Engine may crash on Mac when trying to send notes to MIDI hardware that is not connected anymore after opening old projects.
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