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Boz Digital Labs releases Big Clipper Virtual Effect Audio Plug-in with 80% Intro Discount through April 19

Boz Digital Labs

Boz Digital Labs has announced the release of Big Clipper, a new effect plug-in for Mac OS X and Windows in VST2, VST3, RTAS, AAX Native, and AU formats.

Big Clipper was designed to make clipping easier. Clipping has always been a useful tool for helping manage dynamics, but the majority of plug-ins start to fall apart when pushed really hard. The distortion becomes unpleasant and the frequency balance gets totally thrown off. Big Clipper prevents these issues by combining clipping and limiting in the same plug-in, as well as using frequency sensitivity controls to keep the frequencies in check.

Big Clipper can blend limiting and clipping entirely (in parallel), order them in series, or apply each to different parts of the frequency spectrum (controlled with a fader). It can also clip stereo tracks more (or less) transparently by switching from left/right stereo to mid/side (or mid or side only) stereo. The frequency sensitivity controls prevent Big Clipper from throwing off your tracks' EQ balance, by adjusting gain and frequency for low, middle, and high frequencies.

With additional input gain, threshold, attack and release controls, and a dry/wet mix knob, Big Clipper allows for far better control over distortion, transparency, and dynamics than the majority of clipping plug-ins available.


  • Combines clipping and limiting, which can be blended in parallel, series, or one of two frequency-specific modes (which apply clipper and limiter to separate parts of the frequency spectrum).
  • Shape control adjusts between hard and soft clipping, for heavy or smooth distortion.
  • Input gain ("Push") and threshold ("Pull") adjusting clipping sensitivity.
  • Stereo channels can be processed in left/right, mid/side, mid only, or side only modes (with different controls for left and right, or mid and side in mid/side mode).
  • Frequency sensitivity controls (gain and Hz) can prevent frequency imbalances.
  • Attack and release controls for limiter algorithm.
  • Dry/Wet Mix knob allows you to reintroduce dynamics.
  • Bypass switch darkens settings knobs to prevent accidental adjustments during bypass mode.
  • Available in VST2, VST3, RTAS, AAX Native, and AU formats.

Big Clipper is on sale for $29 from Boz Digital Labs. This is an 80% discount off the regular price of $149. Sale ends April 19th, 2018.



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