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Bark of Dog
Reviewed By Trader One
January 31st, 2022

Its very simple filter with boost. Just frequency and boost knobs. No LFO or other fancy stuff. It is doing something but we have way better free filters. I haven't found musical use for that.

Plugin needs registration at developer site and serial number.

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Reviewed By Trader One
January 31st, 2022

Nothing unusual. It can just transform track to mono with some additional options such as phase invert. It has Lofi filter but it does not sound like club speaker it claims to emulate. GUI is nice.

Plugin needs account at developer site and serial number / username to work. Not worth registering for such a simple thing which most DAWs have built in.

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Reviewed By Slipperman
October 21st, 2020

Holy Cow!!! Bought on the cheap. Low expectations. Boy was I in for a shock! Seriously great box. really easy to use, incredibly flexible, great sounding. Pinch me! Almost too good to be true. Easily matches or surpasses all the best transient manipulation kit in the world. Not kidding. I've own pretty much EVERYTHING out there in transient shaping. Baffled.

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Reviewed By SparkySpark
July 18th, 2020

I use Provocative on all my own lead vocals. My voice is kind of accurate but thin/narrow (grown up in a boy's choir) and Provocative fattens it very nicely.

Some people say plugs introduce phase shifting issues. I don't know, but I cannot hear it, and if I can't then the average listener probably cannot either...

It also has a nifty EQ setting, which can eliminate boominess.

All in all, great plugin.

(One thing: I need to enter my password every time I open it, not sure why, but am sure Support would be able to sort it out).

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Reviewed By lajosuti
October 27th, 2018

This is a nice tilt eq plugin with some additional features. The gui is simple and well designed, and I like the sound. Unfortunately in Reaper it doesn't save the settings -> so every time I reopen the session, the T-Bone settings are the default ones again. I really wanted to use this, but come on... so at the end I had to buy another tilt eq from another company.

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Bark of Dog
Reviewed By peferling
June 29th, 2018

Love this. I use large diaphragm, but inexpensive MXL mics for Voice Overs. I use Bark of the Dog for the low end to thicken, in combination with Roth-AIR for the top end, to bring life back into otherwise stale voice tracks. Especially with tracks that have been hammered sterile by noise filters/plugins from noisy and field environs.

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Reviewed By nine-oh-nine
August 7th, 2015

Very useful tool. Has two main functions:

1. Focuses the low end of the mix.

2. Allows you to check what your mix will sound like when mastered for vinyl.

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Reviewed By Rah
August 12th, 2014

T-Bone is a 'tilt' or 'slant' EQ. A tilt EQ raises the amplitude at one end of the spectrum and lowers it equally at the other. I find them really useful for doing quick and dirty adjustments to overall tone, and for 'pushing' sounds into a more suitable spectral space in my mix.

T-Bone is impressive to me in every way. The filter sound is top quality, I immediately noticed how good the sound was compared with my previously favoured tilt EQ. Boz makes mention of special filters that "do not have any of the wonky side effects to your high end". This claim bears out, and I would certainly be interested in more filter and EQ products from Boz Labs.

The GUI is also beautiful and impressive to me. I know a lot of people dislike the Skeumorphic designs, but I think this one works well, and I really enjoy looking at it and using it.

T-bone extends the usefulness of a basic tilt eq by adding a number of features that really help you sculpt and shape your sound. The low and high pass filters are a great addition, and allow me to dispense with one or more extra plugins from my chain. Having the filters and tilt all in one plugin really speeds up my workflow.

The 'Harsh' and 'Boom' controls are great; if you push the treble up, and it's pushed too much into the high treble, you can use the harsh control to smooth the top off. Boom can be used similarly to keep the low end under control.

There's mid/side/stereo options (useful) and mix control (useful for parallel processing) and an analog button, which imparts subtle saturation.

CPU seems very low (I haven't actually measured; I generally only look at my CPU hit if something seems to be using it excessively), I use these all over my projects, and my DAW and I don't notice any strain.

All in all, an incredibly well designed and useful plugin that I use all the time. I don't usually give a 10 score, but until I find something better, I believe T-Bone is the best at what it does.

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