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Brainworx releases bx_XL M/S Mastering Limiter Public Beta

Brainworx has announced that bx_XL, a new M/S mastering limiter, is now available as a Public Beta for Windows and Mac OS X in VST, AU and RTAS effect plug-in formats. bx_XL will be available for sale October 20th, 2010, with pricing to be announced. 14-day demo versions are available (iLok NOT required).

bx_XLbx_XL is a low latency M/S mastering limiter. Its main purpose is to help you get your mixes loud while keeping them clear (undistorted). "As loud" as any major label production and less "squashed" than many of them.

bx_XL internally converts stereo signals into M (mid / sum) and S (side / difference) signals and splits the M channel into 2 bands (hi & lo). This way you can limit and level 3 individual channels to increase loudness and improve clarity of stereo mixes drastically – with much less distortion artifacts and while keeping much more "punch" than any other limiter system.

Via the Crossover Frequency slider the "MidLo" channel can be used to separate the bass drum and limit it different than the rest of your mid signal easily. This is great for all kinds of dance, rap, techno and rock music.

After the 3 channels of bx_XL have been mixed back together to a regular L/R stereo signal internally the signal runs through an additional (fourth) final standard brickwall peak stop limiter which offers an adjustable master out level.

bx_XL also has a 3 band "psycho-acoustic" loudness maximizer built-in and offers 4 automatable settings with copy & paste functionality. All these features combined with 32 steps of Undo / Redo and various detailed Level meters make for a sophisticated dynamics & loudness control system.

It is recommended that bx_XL be used as the final plugin on the stereo master buss for mixing and mastering purposes; it can work great on any stereo bus / stereo sub group as well.

bx_XL is based upon the M/S technology taken from Brainworx's "modern classic" M/S EQ bx_digital.

Multiple Solo, Auto Solo and Link features enable the engineer to precisely adjust all stages of this hi-end mastering limiter.

bx_XL looks quite complex at first, but once you get the internal signal flow and audio splits you will be able to use it intuitive and fast.



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