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Plogue updates Bidule to v0.9655


Plogue has updated Bidule for both Windows and Mac OS X to v0.9655.

Changes include:

  • Comb Filter 2 bidule.
  • MIDI Matrix : added option to automatically close opened notes when turning off a connection.
  • Generic UI for VSTs now always show the string value of the parameter.
  • Added a parameter to all MIDI Creators to disable the detection of value changes and only use triggers.
  • + many more little improvements.

Bug Fixes include:

  • An incorrect MIDI device could be selected at load time to replace a valid one.
  • Constant: Number of media files constants could have the wrong value in certain cases.
  • MIDI File Player : could cause glitches in playback.
  • MIDI File Player : loop mode could skip tempo changes at the loop boundary.
  • OS X : AU Cocoa UI not showing up correctly on 10.5.
  • OS X : VST version could cause a crash when closing the UI.
  • Palette Search : Searching skips children if the parent matches the query.
  • Patchbay : Name used in the context menu differs from the name used in the Palette.
  • Patchbay : Body seem selected but is not.
  • Presets : Attempting to load a presets file would always clear the current presets even the file was not for that bidule.
  • Spectral Graph bidules: could crash when changing preset.
  • VST hosting : some MIDI events coming from a plugin could be lost when a large number of them were sent.
  • VST plugin : getSpeakerArrangement implementation could cause error in some hosts.
  • + many more fixes.


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