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Cognitone updates "Synfire" Music Prototyping Studio to v1.7.6


Cognitone has updated Synfire, the Music Prototyping Studio, to version 1.7.6. Both Pro and Express editions have been updated. The most important new feature is Drag & Drop Export, directly to a DAW.

Feature Enhancements:

  • Drag & Drop export of containers, instruments (press space once while you drag).
  • Playing Ranges Editor: Option to learn pitch range from MIDI input.
  • Ability to set a latency for individual sounds (e.g. slow strings).
  • Save global rack automatically after changes (optional).
  • Added remote control support for all transport keys.
  • Allow root container to be dragged and dropped.
  • Option to group large plug-in menus by manufacturers.
  • Engine: Added support for DP8, Tracktion, Nuendo.

Resolved Bugs:

  • Playing Ranges Editor bug fixes.
  • (Windows) Use Engine for MIDI Input did not always work.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause a MIDI port to disappear.
  • (OS X) Fixed an issue with multiple monitors.
  • Engine: Ensure 16 audio outputs available for all Drone formats.
  • Sound Browser bug fixes.
  • Graphics fixes.
  • MIDI output fixes.

A fully detailed list of all changes is available here.



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