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DDMF releases NoLimits 2 with Intro Offer


DDMF has released NoLimits 2, a major new version of the limiter plug-in.

DDMF says:

At the end of a long day at the mixing desk, when everything has finally fallen into place, comes the best moment (just before pouring that glass of whisky): load an instance of NoLimits2 at the end of the chain, turn that big gain knob, lean back and enjoy. Its predecessor, NoLimits, was certainly a highly acclaimed limiting plugin already and did a very good job for many years, but NoLimits2 definitely takes it to another level. From ultraclean to tastefully saturated, NoLimits2 will make your mixes louder in style.


  • A comprehensive set of 4 different limiting algorithms.
  • All of them follow entirely different limiting strategies, giving you a choice of really unique sounds.
  • From clean to nicely saturated, it's all there.
  • Further control over attack, release and lookahead times allow for even more finetuning.
  • Up to 8x oversampling to keep all harmonics of the more colourful modes in check.
  • Stereo channel linking.
  • State-of-the-art LUFS loudness metering, compliant to all the latest standards.

Intro Price: $29.50 until the end of 2021 (Reg. $59).



Discussion: Active
20 December 2021 at 2:54pm

Wow. You think - another final limiter. Do I need this? And then you download the demo and hear it and you think "I can sacrifice lunch for a few days. .. $30." Like every DDMF plugin I own (all of them), it just sounds good ... actually great. It's a big step forward from the original No Limits which was getting old. As with Magic Death Eye and their new Magicverb, the trend here is to provide the opposite of the unlimited sonic options that stock DAW plugins and many other devs offer. Simply give me something that sounds good that I can dial in quickly. I don't need infinite sonic possibilities. Limit me - get it?

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