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Destroy FX updates Buffer Override, EQ Sync, Geometer, MIDI Gater, Monomaker, Polarizer, Rez Synth, Scrubby, Skidder, & Transverb - incl. 64-bit & Apple Silicon

Destroy FX

Destroy FX has released updates for most of its free plugins, including support for 64-bit systems (Windows, Apple silicon and Intel-based Macs) and much more:

  • Buffer Override 2.7.
  • EQ Sync 1.1.
  • Geometer 1.2.
  • MIDI Gater 2.0.
  • Monomaker 1.1.
  • Polarizer 1.1.
  • Rez Synth 2.0.
  • Scrubby 1.1.
  • Skidder 2.0.
  • Transverb 1.5.1.

Improvements made to all:

  • Support for 64-bit systems (Windows, Apple silicon and Intel-based Macs).
  • Contextual menus providing the features: documentation, parameter randomization, restore default parameter values, save and load preset files, copy and paste settings, generate parameter automation snapshot, MIDI learn.
  • MIDI channel aftertouch can be assigned to control parameters.
  • All parameter value text displays are editable.
  • Control surface support (parameter short-name variants).
  • Parameter value change smoothing/dezippering nearly everywhere possible.
  • Most of the Audio Unit versions can process any number of audio channels.
  • Many minor enhancements and bug fixes.

Buffer Override:

  • New graphics by Tom 7.


  • Changes to window size parameter now take effect immediately.

MIDI Gater:

  • Added low-pass gate option with new gate mode parameter.
  • Attack and release times are now two separate parameters.
  • Floor parameter functions as an actual audio input floor, rather than between-note input gain.
  • New graphics by Brittnell Anderson.


  • Added equal power mode for monomix.
  • Added balance mode for pan.
  • Added input selection parameter.

Rez Synth:

  • New graphics by Tom 7.
  • Added a resonance algorithm parameter to choose between the original algorithm "no zero" and two new algorithms: "2-zero (radius) " and "2-zero (1) ".
  • Added bandwidth mode mode parameter to choose using Q or Hz bandwidth parameters.
  • Added decay and sustain parameters, for full ADSR note envelopes.
  • Envelope fades parameter has a new low-pass filter option.
  • Added dry/wet mix mode parameter allowing for a choice between "equal power" or a new "linear" mode for the dry/wet mix.


  • Added dry level and wet level parameters (thank you Mark Angus for suggesting this).
  • Octaves limiters now work without pitch constraint and in DJ mode.
  • Effect output is high-pass filtered to remove potential sub-audio introduced by pitch down-shifting.


  • New graphics by Tom 7.
  • Added a crossover mode parameter that defines whether the effect applies to all audio or only the low or high portion of a crossover whose cutoff is defined by the crossover frequency parameter (thank you Nicolas Lefevre for suggesting this).
  • Rate random factor is replaced with two random range parameters for rate.


  • Added freeze parameter.
  • AU has special mono-in/stereo-out mode where head #1 is routed to the left channel and head #2 is routed to the right.


Discussion: Active
22 September 2021 at 6:40pm

Hi Freinds.

This is the best News I can get these days, "Bufferoverride" as apple m1 native :).

But did anyone notices that the installer only installs AU?

I really need this as VST for Bitwig Studio 4 Mac m1...


23 September 2021 at 3:56am


23 September 2021 at 11:52am

indeed, a great new !!.

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