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discoDSP updates HighLife, reduces Phantom price and releases Discovery Pro R3 for Receptor


discoDSP has announced that HighLife has been updated is now available again commercially (€45 / $69), Phantom has been reduced in price to €45 / $69 and the Discovery Pro R3 update for Receptor owners is now available via Plugorama.

HighLife 1.4 has the following enhancements over HighLife Open Source R1, the last remaining freeware version:

  • Library browser:
    • Disk based program managing.
    • (fxp, sfz, akp) for quick and easy access to frozen instruments, fxp, akp, sfz programs.
    • Frozen VSTis are stored in their own folder automatically.
    • Sample content library (260 MB).
    • Auto-cue marker (cue options in zone wave editor).
  • SFZ opcodes "bendup", "benddown", "offset", "end" supported.
  • More accurate SFZ format loading.
  • Sfz's "loopstart" and "loopend" opcodes export.
  • Native FXP Program save format.
  • AIFF file support.
  • Arrow spinners for easy navigation of VSTi program, zone and library folder files.
  • * displayed in global LCD when working in Global Edit mode.
  • .cfg file for recall of previous freeze settings and new library startup folder.
  • Zone sample rate selector drop-down menu.
  • Sample editor autotuner, sample root tuning and pitch shifter.
  • File browser WAV preview (using MME).
  • MIDI sustain.
  • One shot sample type.
  • Blackman windowing for SINC interpolations resulting in a richer sound.
  • Selectable autodrum behavior under Options.
  • Program Global Edit enabled by default.
  • Freeze range maps top and bottom key range to the full scale.
  • Freeze length ranged from 1 to 16 seconds.
  • Pitchbend message reception.
  • Master volume settings value is stored.


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