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Kenneth Rundt

SynthFont updated to v1.100

SynthFont has been updated to v1.100 (VSTSynthFont has not yet been updated to this new version).

Bug fixes:

  • Piano hold without "un-hold" could make the tune run forever.
  • Sometimes an extra silence would be added to the beginning of rendered audio files.
  • Kontakt 2 VST instrument did not work. Some other VST effects could not be loaded.
  • Pianoroll scroll option was not saved.
  • Some Pianoroll editing bugs fixed.
  • An important render function was compiled without optimization, causing the render process to run with high CPU usage.
  • The Pianoroll position was not updated in sync when playing.
  • Better memory management.
  • Volume and BPM automation values were not updated when going forwards or backwards.
  • The VST instrument instance numbers in the arrangement file where not always correctly set when opening the file.
  • Muting VST instruments could leave notes hanging.
  • Fixed some other bugs reported by Eurekalog.

New features:

  • You can now render files in a folder in Explorer to audio files without creating a playlist.
  • Support for creating Windows Media Audio (WMA) files.
  • You can select to skip files that have been already converted (so you can continue from where you stopped).
  • You can now select pitch shifting method (normal or anti-aliasing) on a per track basis.

User interface:

  • There are now three Play buttons in the main toolbar for playing to speakers, to file(s), or to both.
  • In the Files pane there is a new radiobutton group for selecting the source file(s) for playing.
  • New keyboards in the Pianoroll, Preset Layers and Instrument Splits and as stand alone.
  • Tracks list heading has two new buttons: Tr# and Chnl. Press Tr# to show a dialog for changing the order of the tracks, Press Chnl to change the Midi channel. This function used to be in the mixer before but has now been removed from there.
  • The Alt. View button has been removed from the main toolbar. Instead there are two alternative view items available in the View/Layouts menu.
  • In the View menu there is a choice for color scheme: SynthFont Green (default) or Windows Standard.
  • The Midi Channel selection has been removed from the mixer and is now found in the Chnl button in the tracks list header.
  • The Pan Spread function has also been removed from the mixer and is now found in a button in the toolbar ABOVE the tracks list header.
  • In the View menu is an item "Karaoke Lyrics". This is a first attempt to display Karaoke lyrics while playing.
  • In the Play List you can now select and delete several files at the same time.
  • Warning when trying to delete a track with Tempo setting (a METATAG).

Known issues:

  • When rendering large numbers of MIDI files to audio files, the committed RAM memory grows all the time. After a few hundred files you may need to restart SynthFont.
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