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Drop By MAAT at NAB 2018


MAAT Inc. demos latest products at NAB2018 courtesy of The Telos Alliance

We at MAAT wanted to let you know that our DRMeter MkII and RSPhaseShifter will be exhibited and demonstrated at the Telos Alliance booth during the upcoming National Association of Broadcasters convention. DRMeter MkII, an audio plug–in for the measurement and monitoring of audio Loudness and dynamics, will accompany RSPhaseShifter, a plug–in for the alignment of multiple versions of a source when mixing.

The latest product from MAAT, DRMeter MkII premiers several new features for the Loudness metering marketplace, and is the first loudness measurement tool specifically designed for music creation as well as broadcast production and post. Combining high accuracy, R128 and A/85 compliance with display of channel–specific trends, the cross–platform Loudness meter presents both relative and absolute scales simultaneously. DRMeter MkII is also the first plug–in to include the emerging PSR metric, Sample Peak–to–Short–term Loudness Ratio, as well as DRi, an established loudness metric designed to gauge the dynamic contrast of popular music.

Also on demo at NAB, the cross–platform RSPhaseShifter quickly creates a high quality, phase shifted version of a monaural or stereo input, and is designed to better combine multiple feeds during live and remote recordings. Providing a fast, convenient means of aligning individual mix elements for best subjective results, RSPhaseShifter also offers a delta mode to preview isolated audio reflecting only the content that has been altered by signal processing. This extends the application to the control of frequency–dependent stereo spread for M/S workflows in broadcast and post–production applications.

If you're heading to Vegas, please stop by stand SU2321 to check out our gear...Enjoy the show.



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