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MAAT releases thEQorange - Reference Equalizer


MAAT Incorporated, has released thEQorange, a cross platform plug–in for equalization and correction of digital audio. The new product continues the legacy of the famed Linear Phase PEQ Orange, while introducing several firsts to the equalization marketplace.

thEQorange is designed to build on the foundation of Algorithmix's LP EQ Orange, while bringing that reference quality into the 21st Century. thEQorange is a two–pass, time domain equalizer that employs 80 bit floating point internal precision. It reduces pre and post–echo, while also providing exceptional pass and stopband ripple behavior, normally not achievable with frequency domain linear phase equalizers. Its complex internal architecture, sophisticated signal windowing, and applied calculation precision all contribute to its exceptionally natural sound and exacting fidelity.

The exclusive Contribution Control allows an engineer to isolate only positive additions to a mix, only negative gain changes, the sum of both, and "normal" mode; all EQ changes along with the original input signal. The Contribution Control is intended to help to aurally keep track of a user's progress, while speeding the work.

Sample rates up to 384 kHz are supported for post–production of true HRA workflows.

Price: $990 perpetual or $119 annual subscription.



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10 February 2019 at 1:06am

yes, blah, blah blah, and... blah blah blah, and also, blah blah blah, i feel ya, blah blah blah.... $990...blah blah outa here....

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