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eaReckon updates ANALOG87 Series to v1.2.0 - New plug-in added


eaReckon has updated its ANALOG87 Series to version 1.2.0 which now features six plug-ins (instead of "just" five).

New Plug-in: MD-GATE87

This new plug-in is a MIDI version of SD-GATE87. It features a MIDI input but no audio sidechain. With its MIDI option disabled, it works exactly the same as SD-GATE87 (in non-sidechain mode). Once the MIDI option is enabled, the gate is controlled by a single MIDI note (a "Learn" function will help you to assign it the easy way).

Different MIDI modes are available (these are described in the updated manual):

  • In Gate mode: Trigger, Unmute and Play.
  • In Duck mode: Trigger, Mute (A) and Mute (L).

Please note that as for any MIDI enabled effect, it may be difficult to use the MIDI option in the context of some hosts (featuring some complex or limited routing options).

MD-GATE87 is free for registered users of SD-GATE87.
Both plugins share the same authorization codes (or key file). As far as one of them is authorized, the other one will be authorized as well. Registered users of SD-GATE87 can download MD-GATE87 from their user account. New purchasers of SD-GATE87 (or the ANALOG87 Series) will access MD-GATE87 by registering SD-GATE87.

Improvements in ANALOG87 Series 1.2

SD-GATE87 and SD-COMP87:

  • Important improvement of the reference section and sidechain processing.


  • With the (thresholds) 'Link' option enabled, it is now possible to adjust both (high and low) thresholds by manipulating any of the two threshold knobs.
  • Improved precision of the fine tuning option (Shift + Mouse) of some knobs (Attack, Hold, Release).


  • Improved frequency analyzer: higher "resolution", new 'Threshold' and 'Release' controls.


  • New 'Signal Flow' option that can be used to change the order of effects.

More information and demo version available at www.eareckon.com



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