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Emvoice One Virtual Vocalist updated - adds MIDI Listen mode, AAX support and more


Emvoice has released a new version of the Emvoice One virtual vocalist plugin which sees AAX support for Pro Tools users, a MIDI Listen mode for recording MIDI performances or files, new interface design and theme options, an extended range to access more notes, and other usability tweaks. The first voice, Lucy, has also been updated for better performance and realism.

The Emvoice One plugin can be downloaded for free at emvoiceapp.com. A license to the full range of the first voice, Lucy, costs $199, while free (demo) access to Lucy is limited to notes C3 to G3 (previously A2 to E3).

MIDI Listen Mode

Emvoice One can now listen for incoming MIDI notes from a keyboard controller or your DAW's timeline, printing the resulting notes into the Emvoice piano roll ready to have lyrics added. Watch the Tutorial on MIDI Listen Mode to find out how it works.

MIDI Listen mode can be activated before or during playback, and will stop automatically when playback ends if not deactivated by the user. Users can add glissando and bend notes on top of existing notes using a second pass of recording, but MIDI Listen mode is designed not to overwrite any data.

AAX Support

Pro Tools users can now access the Emvoice One plugin and Emvoice's free and paid voices thanks to AAX support. This version of the plugin can be installed from emvoiceapp.com and contains all the familiar Emvoice features.

New User Interfaces and Themes

The Emvoice One interface has been redesigned and now comes with a choice of Light and Dark theme.

Extended Range

It's now possible to program and play back notes from C1 to C5 with any paid-for voice in Emvoice One. Previously, the range was restricted to the most realistic, true-to-life notes; the newly available pitches appear in Emvoice One's piano roll with a darker background than recommended-range pitches.


New Features at a Glance:

  • MIDI Listen mode records incoming MIDI as notes in the Emvoice piano roll.
  • AAX support for Pro Tools users meets existing VST2/VST3/AU support.
  • Ongoing improvements to the Lucy voice engine for both demo and paid users.
  • Redesigned user interface with Light and Dark themes.
  • Extended range allows generation of previously unavailable notes from C1 to C5.
  • The Emvoice One plugin handles network errors and interruptions more gracefully.
  • VST3 installation issue.

The Next Voice

The forthcoming next voice in the Emvoice system is called Jay. You can hear songs created using Jay by beta testers in the Songs Feat Jay playlist on SoundCloud

Pricing for a second voice will be lower than the first, giving sliding-scale pricing to users who have bought Lucy and are interested in Jay, or those who buy Jay and become interested in Lucy.



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