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Emvoice updates Emvoice One plugin to v0.1.9 (beta) and Sing engine to v0.260


Emvoice has updated their Emvoice One plugin to version 0.1.9 (beta) and Sing engine to version version 0.260. The Emvoice One plugin and vocal engine are now closer to their release versions than ever before, but there's still time to beta test this new approach to vocal synthesis.

The first voice, Lucy, is still available with unlimited access to its vocal range and dictionary, and as both elements of the Emvoice vocal synthesis system have just been upgraded.

Emvoice One 0.1.9 New Features

The Emvoice One plugin has been updated to make programming lyrics easier:

  • Right-click a word to list ready-defined pronunciation options. Each of these options can now be previewed and auditioned before selection.
  • Default and custom pronunciations are now differentiated by font.
  • Improved results when entering phonemes instead of using whole words.
  • Generic "La" sound (when no text is entered) fixed.

Sing Engine 0.2.60 Features

The behind-the-scenes, cloud-based engine computes and returns the vocal files to the Emvoice One plugin. This has also been updated:

  • Vowel sounds are now smoother.
  • Pitch stability has been improved.
  • Breath sound generation is more accurate and properly takes following phrases into account.
  • Vocal range has been extended to almost two and a half octaves.
  • Improved pronunciation of stylized words like "aa" or "ma".
  • General changes to audio engine, server architecture and data transfer.

Price: Free. The full release is planned in Q3/Q4 2019.

You can download the beta version of the plugin and sign up for the Emvoice mailing list at emvoiceapp.com.



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